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The Dealership, Part 1

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"Car"-l (Carl) Smith owns a used-car dealership in Cartown, Missouri. In the past week, he has had 5 different people sell him 5 different cars on 5 different days. He was carrying papers with the information about the purchases, when one of the cars that was near him honked very loudly. He dropped all of the papers, and couldn't figure out any of the information. Help Carl figure out each customer's first and last name, what car they sold him, how much each one cost, and what day of the week they sold to him on.

First names - George, James, Brad, Jessica, and Patricia
Last names - Robertson, Johnson, Buckner, Thompson, and Sullivan
Car - Mini, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Ford
Amount of $ - $10,000, $15,000, $21,000, $28,000, and $35,000
Day of the Week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday

1. The 5 people are: George, Thompson, the one who sold the Mini, the one who sold the car for $35,000, and the one who sold a car on Wednesday.

2. The 5 cars are: the BMW, the one sold on Saturday, the one sold by Mrs. Johnson, the one sold by Jessica, and the one that was sold for $15,000.

3. The person who sold a car 2 days before Robertson did sold his car for $7,000 less than James.

4. Thompson sold his car for 4000 times as many dollars as there are letters in the day that he sold it.

5. Buckner sold his car for $35,000.

6. The Ford, which was sold by Sullivan, was sold for $13,000 less than the car sold on Tuesday.

7. The Mercedes sold for the most amount of money, which was $14,000 more than the one sold on Wednesday.

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