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Radical Rush

Submitted By:Question_Mark
Fun:**** (3.26)
Difficulty:*** (2.79)

Question Mark is the host of a new game show called "Radical Rush". It is a game of 4 rounds. A logic round, a rebus round, a mathematics round and a final face-off. One player is eliminated after each round, with the last player left being the winner. Each player is color-coded. Now you must work out the full names of the contestants, the age of the contestants, their color-code and which round they were eliminated in (and who won).

First names: David, Joanne, Richard, Xavier, Yvette
Last names: Bridge, Hall, Rade, Richburgh, Sands
Ages: 22, 24, 26, 29, 33
Color-codes: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange
Round Eliminated: Logic, Rebus, Maths, Face-off, Winner

Round 1 (LOGIC): This round was straight forward for Xavier, Miss Bridge and the player aged 29. The green player and the player aged 26 did not find this round as easy. It was a close call but in the end, the yellow player was eliminated.

Round 2 (REBUS): This round was slightly harder, however it was a walk in the park for Richard, who came in first place for this round. Yvette, Mr Rade and the red player did not find this round as easy. However, after she realised what she was doing wrong, The 22-year-old quickly took second place. Now it was just up to Xavier and the 29-year-old, however it was all over for Mr Rade.

Round 3 (MATHEMATICS): Once again, the difficulty level increases as the remaining three players try their math skills. No-one seemed to do particularly well here. The first place finisher was Miss Bridge. The battle for a spot in the Face-off was between Xavier and the green player. He put everything he knew into this round, however it wasn't enough to save Mr Hall, our unfortunate 33-year-old.

Face-off: Two players remain with the same goal: to become the very first winner of "Radical Rush". The 22-year-old and Mr Richburgh must race each-other in a maze. Whoever reaches the end first, wins the game. It was a race too close to call, however the red player was fast enough to steal victory from the very unfortunate orange player.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by elemandia05/22/06
a little confusing, but very well done. :)

Posted by roscoep05/22/06
Nice. The fact that a player was in a later round was an additional clue. :D :wink:

Posted by Winner460005/22/06
LOVED IT!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Great Job! 8)

Posted by locomom05/22/06
Awesome!! :D

Posted by AwwwSweet05/23/06
Great teaser, the story was fun and interesting!

Posted by Mellie62705/31/06
I think this has to have been my favorite Logic-Grid puzzle so far. I loved it!!! :D

Posted by thompson105/31/06
This was great! I loved the different rounds! :D Good job!

Posted by lizard6806/11/06
way cool... :D

Posted by sundaisy22706/15/06
Probably my favorite one ever. I mixed up a couple of clues, so I got the puzzle wrong, but it was so fun working it out. GREAT JOB.

Posted by bashbach07/18/06
I also think this is one of my all time favorite teasers! It was fun to do and follow. I was hoping Xavier would win! :wink: :D

Posted by Club3308/04/06
This was great!! I loved it!! It was difficult and made me really read the clues!! I loved the way it was written!! How about an Episode 2 of "Radical Rush?" It looks like a hit show!! :wink:

Posted by Question_Mark08/08/06
I did try to submit a second one but I didn't provide enoguh clues (I was in a bit of a rush that day). There will be a second Radical Rush.

Posted by brainfog02/08/07
Great one! Had to do it twice, but enjoyed every minute. Excellent clues, and I like the way one can jump ahead for clues (colors, etc) and go back to eliminate. Thanks!

Posted by chickwithbrains08/17/07
great puzzle!!! :D really fun!

Posted by mocha61312/08/07
I loved it! I found it worked best working backwards. :D

Posted by dreamlvr143201/21/08
I liked how each clue built on the last! Interesting story and great fun! :D

Posted by Kiyoko07/05/08
I really had fun doing this one, and somehow, I knew innately that...(I'm now rephrasing so that I don't spoil the answer.) I knew innately who won.

Posted by gabrielleeeee04/12/09

Posted by caberet09/20/09
What a great puzzle! The clues were well written and not redundant. These nice tricky teasers are all to rare on this site. Keep 'em coming, please!

Posted by noomeek10/13/10
Nice grig u got there!! 8)

Posted by chriscat11/07/10
Nice one -- really enjoyed it!

Posted by Kronos11/22/10
Nicely done! Very challenging. I had to solve it and I'm proud to say that I did! Bring me some more! :P

Posted by Obilio04/13/13
Really fun! Clever clue set up as well :) Thanks for your work!

Posted by spikethru404/18/13
Nice twist with the clues. After messing it up going in the given order, I found it much easier to solve the clues in reverse order.

Posted by LanceAlot09/22/15
Great idea, very fun!

Posted by BeastOfSoda12/15/16
I enjoyed this a lot; thanks for a neat, hard but not frustratingly so puzzle, just the way I like them.

Posted by danielj207/09/17
:D Clearly one of my favorites so far! I also love how you added the reasoning logic in the solution.

Posted by THElogicalRESON08/12/17
I solved it correctly and this is definitely one of my favorite puzzles ever. The wording makes sense.


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