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Your Very Own Empire

Submitted By:AwwwSweet
Fun:**** (3.13)
Difficulty:*** (3.08)

You thank the last person as they step outside, "It's been a lovely evening, drive safely!" You wait in the doorway to see them off, waving as the car begins to pull away. Closing the door, you breathe a tired sigh.

You stroll into the living room before it finally hits you. After weeks of discussions and the purchase of a 5-story building downtown, you are finally the proud owner of your very own clothing empire! You've just closed negotiations with 5 designers who have started their own small companies, but haven't been able to hit it big yet. Aside from settling on a salary for each of them, you also agreed to hire the employees they already have. This is indeed a wonderful moment for you! "YES," you yell enthusiastically!

Startled, your cat jumps sideways off the couch, landing on the coffee table and knocking a glass of wine all over your papers. Your delight quickly turns to horror as you realize what your precious (and soon-to-die) tabby has just done. You dash into the kitchen for some napkins but it's too late; half of your papers are already ruined. You can't believe it. You just spent all night sorting out the details, and you would really prefer to not have another 8 hour evening with those crazy designers! Besides, they might try to change their salaries.

With the information you have left, can you figure out what salary you agreed on with each designer, which item they design, how many employees they have, and on which floor of your new building they will be located?

Designers: Aimee, Claude, Darla, Evan, Faye
Items: Purses, Pants, Skirts, Shoes, Tops
Floors: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Number of Employees: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Salary: 133k, 138k, 141k, 146k, 152k

1. The salary of the person designing pants is more than Darla, but less than the designer on the 2nd floor.
2. The five unique designers are: Faye, the one designing purses, the one on the 5th floor, the one whose salary is 146k, and the one with 5 employees.
3. Only 15 employees will work above the 3rd floor.
4. The shoe designer does not have the lowest salary, despite having the fewest employees.
5. The sum of the numbers in one designer's salary is also their total number of employees.
6. The salary of the designer on the 3rd floor is 138k.
7. The five different floors are: the floor with 9 employees, the floor of the 133k salary, the floor Aimee is on, the 2nd floor, and the floor where the tops are designed.
8. The designer on the 1st floor has the same number of employees as letters in their name.
9. The purse designer has the most employees, but she doesn't have the highest salary.
10. You remember that Faye really likes purses, but that has nothing to do with this puzzle.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by chaskey06/03/06
Difficult for me, but very pleasing when I finally got it! :roll: :D

Posted by locomom06/03/06
WOW! :roll: This one was tough :-? I love the ones that really make you think. Keep them coming...and Thanks!! :D

Posted by Winner460006/03/06
Congrats on your first teaser, and it was an AWESOME one, too!!! :D :D :D

Posted by idiot_genius06/03/06
I love this one because it has a REASON for you to have random bits of information. Most of these just show you the clues and say "solve." without saying where these clues came from. :roll:

Posted by Funky_Munky06/04/06
It was great! it was quit hard though, i got tricked on one of the clues.. it was all ther tho and its great once u get there. i totally agree that the ones that make u think are the best

Posted by say_aah06/04/06

Posted by carebear0606/04/06
GREAT ONE!!! I really liked it because its a challenge...I LOVE TO BE CHALLENGED!!!! good work :wink:

Posted by lexymo06/05/06
Nice Job!!! I had fun with that one even though it took me a while! :D

Posted by roscoep06/05/06
Really Good! :D I can't tell you how long it took me to realize that "AIMEE" dosen't have 6 letters. :cry: :cry:

Posted by Mellie62706/06/06
I finally finshed this one!!! :) It is definitely not one to do when there are distractions around. All I needed was a bit of piece and quiet, which does not happen in our household often. LOL This was one tough cookie. I absolutely loved it. :P Thank you for making it for us, and keep them coming. Mellie

Posted by mysuey1506/08/06
Very Difficult, but also very fun! :D

Posted by sundaisy22706/11/06
Same thing with me and the name "Aimee." I had it pegged for six letters and that was the hardest part . . . almost. The last clues I needed were the ones about who had 7 and 8 employees. GREAT TEASER. Really made me think. :P

Posted by faithfull06/11/06
Lot's of fun and very challenging. Thank you!!

Posted by basketball10106/17/06
i didn't think i would ever get ur teaser but i finally did .... amazing first teaser and i had the aimee problem too i have to watch more carefully... keep ur teasers comin'

Posted by brits199406/18/06
Kinda Hard but really FUN!!!!!! :D

Posted by Maynia06/20/06
Very cool. I spent half the day at work on this and I almost didn't want to go home so I could stay at work and finish it. I finally finished it the next morning! Very challenging. Luv it!

Posted by BunnyCup07/05/06
This is the kind of puzzle I have in mind when I think of a logic-grid! It's as good as one I might find in print 8) Clue 10 wasn't needed, but since it was the last one, it was easy for me to ignore. Thanks Sweetie!

Posted by AwwwSweet07/05/06
Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Yeah... clue #10 isn't needed. It's more of my way of protesting about numerous other logic grids on this site that use anything BUT logic in their clues. I really don't care if ABC really likes pizza the most; that doesn't logically exclude all the other foods ABC might have had for dinner! :lol:

Posted by Club3307/25/06
This was great!! Very challenging, yet able to be solved without guessing or making irrational assumptions. I loved the way you worded your clues! Good Job!!!

Posted by bashbach07/30/06
Very difficult!!! I really appreciated the challenge! 8)

Posted by Spiritdance08/03/06
Love the big grid!

Posted by kaakramer09/13/06
Very hard, but nice work! I had to cheat and see all of the answer for Aimee and also what Claude did and on what floor and then I got the rest. Just needed that little extra info. Again nice work and very fun!

Posted by Thel02/19/07
I had great fun solving this one. Thanks for an excellent teaser! :D :D :D

Posted by khedron08/17/07
Excellent, challenging teaser. I love the ones that require more than one pass through the clues.

Posted by mom_rox11/01/07
Nice job - very challenging and well written. Took me two tries.

Posted by mizliz11/02/07
I cannot believe i finally solved this was so hard I have had to put it down and come back another day many times Really great job writing!

Posted by mocha61311/18/07
Fantastic teaser. My only problem was that I had to assume who was male. I know an Evan who is female, so that really threw me off. Maybe next time you could indicate which names are male and which are female?

Posted by dreamlvr143201/21/08
Thanks for the entertainment! :D This one really got my brain juices flowing this morning. Not too hard, but not easy-peasy either. You really had to think, and look back at all the clues to get this one. good job!! :D

Posted by Nymphadora31309/10/09
Okay, I do these at work all the time (don't judge me, I get bored on slow nighs in the ER)..but our hospital has certain things blocked on our computers-including whatever program is used for the grid solver!! So I have to do all these on paper and the logic-grids are my favorite..this one is VERY difficult..still haven't solved, but it's definitely going to my favorites so I can continue working on it without having to waste valuable time searching for it :wink: Great teasr! Keem 'em coming!!


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