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The hotly-contested basketball game had just ended. Coach Shortfuse, enraged by what he considered poor officiating, grabbed the stat sheets and fed them into a paper shredder. Fortunately, the officials remembered several facts about the scoring. With this information, determine: each starter's first and last name, his position, his jersey number, and points scored.

First Names: Allen, Jason, Kevin, Shaquille, Tim
Last Names: Duncan, Garnett, Iverson, Kidd, O'Neal
Position: Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Shooting Guard, Point Guard
Jersey Numbers: #12, #15, #23, #34, #44
Points Scored: 24, 22, 20, 11, 10

1) In addition to the five starters, three bench players also scored. One of the bench players was the fourth-leading scorer; the other two each scored less than 10 points each. All scoring players scored a different amount of points.
2) Kevin scored exactly one-fifth of the total team points.
3) The center scored more points than Allen, who scored more than #34.
4) #15 scored more points than Duncan, who scored more than Shaquille.
5) Garnett scored more points than the power forward, who scored more than #12.
6) Tim scored more points than O'Neal, who scored more than the shooting guard.
7) One of the forwards has "K" for an initial.
8) One of the guards has "K" for an initial.
9) The players that have a vowel for an initial wear jerseys with an odd number.
10) Iverson scored twice as many points as one of the bench players.
11) Allen scored 18 more points than one of the bench players.
12) Only one starter scored more points than his jersey number.
13) Neither forward wears an odd number.

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