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Harry and Frank are twin brothers, yet Harry was born in the 20th century, and Frank in the 21st century. How is this possible?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by GebbieRose06/28/06
Congrats on your first teaser! :D

Posted by jls90006/28/06
fun, but i got it in like a nano second

Posted by Winner460006/28/06
can't believe they didn't already have this teaser onsite!

Posted by syracuse94506/28/06
wooo, i got it... :D haha... neway, good job... btw, i lyk the song... :wink:

Posted by WhiteLightning706/29/06
wow, this was extremely easy, but still fun. i liked it but try to make your next one a bit harder. :o

Posted by kittyloverhan2206/29/06
Easy.....! :roll: But, anyways, nice one! :)

Posted by mikey3806/29/06
in vitro?

Posted by basketball10106/29/06
ok that was obvious

Posted by Dream196106/30/06
I like that one :wink: :wink:

Posted by danielzerman07/09/06
a little to easy :(

Posted by omg_its_Jackie07/10/06
:roll: whaaaat? that was lame and easy I don't get it

Posted by luv2sing10107/12/06
My guess was that they were twins but not to each others twin.

Posted by BPKANERVA07/13/06
I thought that mabey the second Harry and frank weren't the same Harry and Frank as the twin brothers harry and frank :oops:

Posted by kukuzyavochka07/14/06
Too easy.

Posted by doni07/18/06
funny guy

Posted by junebug2207/22/06
Pretty easy but it was fun! Thanks!

Posted by hellogoodbyee08/01/06
actually, 2000 is still in the 20th century and 2001 is in the 21st century. (centuries start with XXX1, because the 1st century started with 1 A.D, not 0 A.D.) in regards to the trick, i thought it was a classic! nicee. =]

Posted by Pizzazz2u09/28/06
Isn't it amazing to know about this answer, and yet it would be given away if one explains the answer in the comment section? :wink:

Posted by rkaaland10/19/06
NIce one!

Posted by Lizzie71310/26/06
Well Done :D I like it thats going in my favourites:D Smart I was stumped to start then i thought this is a trick :lol: Thanks :D

Posted by Jimbo10/29/06
Maybe Harry was the twin brother of Suzy and Frank was the twin brother of Mary. They are both twin brothers but not of each other.

Posted by mik51211/11/06
a little to easy but keep them coming! that was sooo fun!

Posted by bonnieshad11/18/06
I GOT THAT ONE RIGHT!!! that is amazing for me!!

Posted by sweet2kill21011/28/06
VERY easy, but it was fun....i gues :roll:

Posted by lavender01/01/07
I liked it! :D But it didn't have to be those exact times, though, right? Anyway, I liked it! :D

Posted by cista05/25/07
well, i got it.. nice anyway...

Posted by happyhak08/02/07

Posted by steeler8401/15/08
easy 8)

Posted by Deedee12301/26/08
who says they were twins to EACH OTHER???

Posted by thisisme9104/04/08
There's actually a true case of this. I heard it over the radio. Pretty cool. 8) Smart of you to use it in a teaser

Posted by Malika12302/08/09
I get it. My case was like that too!

Posted by mathisnice02/20/10
Got it. Great teaser except it needs to be 1999 & 2000. It's all ready in correction, though...

Posted by Prinesca04/22/10
Smart one.

Posted by Leshelou11206/15/10
easy but a good one... it would be kind of cool to have a twin brother/sister from the last centuary......... people would be like what? lol it would be like doctor who or something!

Posted by MagicPurple02/24/11
Got it


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