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What is Risk?

Submitted By:cyberstar5150
Fun:**** (3.26)
Difficulty:*** (2.26)

Many 'Situation Puzzles' are not designed to be answered by themselves. The idea is for one person to know the answer and other people in a group to try and guess it using yes or no questions. The first person to get the answer is the winner.
There was once a college that offered a class on probability applied to the real world.

The class was relatively easy, but there was a catch. There were no homework assignments or tests, but there was a final exam that would have only one question on it.

When everyone received the test it was a blank sheet of paper with a solitary question on it: "What is risk?"

Most students were able to pass, but only one student received 100% for the class! Even stranger was that he only wrote down one word!

What did he write?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by GebbieRose07/18/06
Clever. :D

Posted by monkeygrl9907/18/06

Posted by dolphingurl1207/18/06
I liked it! :D

Posted by Punk_Rocker07/18/06
Very clever.

Posted by phrebh07/18/06
I really liked this teaser. Good job!

Posted by spazzyjazzy9307/18/06
ditto i had to peek at the hint b4 i got it

Posted by brainster07/19/06
Good one! Really interesting and creative! :D

Posted by ragdol1307/19/06
ha-ha! i liked that one! =]

Posted by Brainy_107/19/06
That was clever indeed! :D I liked it! :)

Posted by moonsliver8607/20/06
very good teaser... reminds me of the story about the philosophy teacher who asked "what is courage?" in his finals and the student who passed a paper with "This" on it...

Posted by pianofox07/20/06
that was cool! 8)

Posted by puppygirl121307/22/06
cool, i thought it was "life" my bad :oops:

Posted by calmsavior08/25/06

Posted by calmsavior08/25/06

Posted by rkaaland10/07/06
:D :-? Very Interesting! :lol:

Posted by blondebookworm10/16/06
great job! that really is risky. If I were the teacher I probably would have flunked him. 8)

Posted by SPUTNIK210/24/06
tricky tricky tricky!! Liked it very much thanx 8)

Posted by Winner460011/24/06
easy, fun, thanks! :D

Posted by jsdodgers01/11/07
great teaser :D :lol: 8) :wink:

Posted by bgil760401/29/07
I didn't get it, ut my friend did. I was actually thinking "exam," but it was close enough. :lol: :D

Posted by solarsistim32102/10/07
Bravo :D

Posted by parayik04/10/07
Very tricky, I liked it! :lol:

Posted by tintiniscool04/15/07
Excellent! :D

Posted by cista05/24/07
i got it... hehe.. really nice, loved it..

Posted by amn2249205/24/07
my uncle, a college proffessor, taught me that and many others. all the same, this is a good one! :D

Posted by desiree107906/06/07
that was hot

Posted by tennisfreak4eva06/24/07
really gd ...really cleaver :D

Posted by Shriya09/26/07
It was way too easy. I dunno why, just after reading the question, the answer just blurted in my mind on itself. Anyway, nice try! :)

Posted by al11111/03/07
VERY clever i loved it sooo much 4739/10

Posted by AndrewWalker12/23/07

Posted by Writeaway03/12/08
Haha, brilliant teaser. :D I'll be looking for more from you. >.

Posted by kunju05/25/08
great one excellent :P

Posted by sourdough06/23/08
$ourDough liked this one very much, yes indeedy doo! :D Risk is This... Very good teaser! Brilliant! $D :o

Posted by Flamey50008/02/08
I didn't get it... :-?

Posted by gottalovetacsc09/21/08

Posted by soccercow1010/21/08
I've heard this in many variations but it's definitely my all time favorite teaser!

Posted by devmonster11/04/08
oh this is good! :D

Posted by blackeve511/12/08
Hot! :D 8)

Posted by Zomg-pie11/15/08
good one :) even better everybody liked it! :D (except that loser that didnt get it but who cares about him right?) :lol:

Posted by woodrock9602/03/10
This was so hard! :o But I enjoy stuff like that. whoever did this should be proud. :lol:

Posted by tonjawithaj03/19/10
Reminds me of a class I took in college. Only one person got the right answer on the final exam...

Posted by coinjar87604/26/10
My favorite teaser I've seen so far.

Posted by princess200703/08/11
luved it!!! :lol:

Posted by cyberstar515003/20/11
Glad everyone has enjoyed this one :)

Posted by IonicMind1005/12/11
I got it! That's my first answer! :D

Posted by mae106/01/12
Haha. I've read this one somewhere online before. I like this one a lot. :)

Posted by royale-ninja07/23/12
nice... :lol:

Posted by eighsse08/31/13
Honestly, I didn't like this one so much. As I was trying to figure it out, I was expecting the answer to be something a lot more brilliant and clever. I feel like this is an attempt to make a teaser similar to the old story of the philosophy exam consisting only of the question "Why?", the only A+ going to the student who wrote "Why not?" But whatever the case, I was expecting to be more stricken and enlightened by the answer.

Posted by niranjanjb03/29/14
'This' is good one :wink: :lol:


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