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Submitted By:Terilynne88
Fun:**** (3.25)
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What do the following words have in common?


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by renae07/25/06
Very cool! :D

Posted by boodler07/25/06
V. interesting! Took a few secs, but (fanfare) :D :D I got it!

Posted by somnambulist07/26/06
cool! at first I was thinking, okay, something to do with consonants v. vowels...but then I looked at voodoo backward and ding! the light came on. Great teaser! :D

Posted by doghouse27007/26/06
cool teaser! didn't get it at first but then i saw grammar and i was like "wait if you put the first letter in the back you get the same thing" and it worked with all the other ones. really awesome teaser! keep em' coming! 8)

Posted by GebbieRose08/27/06
Simple but clever. Good job! :D

Posted by penguinboy08/27/06
i was thinking that each of the words had at least two of one letter like voodoo has at least 2 o's and gramma had at least 2 a's and m's

Posted by OldChinaHand08/27/06
Interesting and fun to workout. 8)

Posted by penguinboy08/27/06
lol didnt notice hint cause i got it from the daily teaser

Posted by DevilBunny08/27/06
Isn't potato spelled with an E? :P

Posted by temisho08/27/06
good one! devilbunny you gotta go back to first grade!! hehe

Posted by utnative08/27/06
:oops: :oops: :( i only got the repeated letters part. didnt get the other part.great job and a great teaser. :-? :oops: :wink:

Posted by Shriya08/27/06
I too though just the way as penquinboy did. It was really hard for me. Good one.

Posted by azbee12308/27/06
fuuun!!! :D :D

Posted by starnz08/27/06
How CLEVER is that!!! Great Job!! :wink:

Posted by Badger08/27/06
Darn! Never saw it coming! Had lots of ideas about symetry, etc. but none of them right. Excellent work! Thanks! PS: They still show the clip on TV where Dan Quail "corrects" the kid at the school spelling bee because she forgot the "e" in potato. :oops: :lol: (0)

Posted by markita108/27/06
very cool i ma surprised that i got it right :lol:

Posted by Pizzazz2u08/27/06
One can always get themselves to enjoy a different challenge. And this has a double to it, very good for a Braingle teaser. :P A slight bit of a tickle, but I enjoyed it, immensely. :wink:

Posted by jabdr08/27/06
I knew it immediately. Perhaps it was entered in a different teaser category in July and I saw it while browsing. Enjoyed it then, and enjoy it now. 8) :)

Posted by lazy-boy08/27/06
This was pretty cool ! :wink:

Posted by doka1308/27/06
heck yes, i love when i get these right! :lol:

Posted by Bruce_4208/27/06
You got me again, it thought this one would be simple but the answer I made was Bermuda :roll:

Posted by Trishgal08/27/06
I saw all the repeated letters ,but did not grasp the link :oops: :oops: Anyway it is good to learn new things, so I appreciate the teaser.thx :wink:

Posted by brainy4008/27/06
I loved it!

Posted by doghouse27008/27/06
great teaser, I FINALLY GOT ONE! LoL, lOvEd iT! :D :D

Posted by flowerz201008/27/06
That Is So Coooooool

Posted by vlerma08/27/06
Right over my head - great job. Took some work to come p with that many reversible words. More please? :)

Posted by IMCUL4E08/27/06
COOL! :D 8) very unique way of looking at it. :D

Posted by ragdol1308/27/06
that was fun! and i got it right!! lol

Posted by iteachkids08/27/06

Posted by bradon18200108/27/06
This is one of the best teasers I've seen. I didn't get it by the way, was trying to work something out with vowels. Great job. This definitely will go into my favorites. :o

Posted by mi2mo2tx08/27/06
Clever!! I don't think I'd ever have noticed that... nice one!

Posted by blondebookworm08/27/06
:D that was SO much fun! I totally loved your teaser. it was pretty easy to get, ( I knew the answer by the second word) but still really clever. good job. :wink:

Posted by POPS08/27/06
I thought it was two sets of the same letters in each word untill I saw Voodoo then I gave up :oops:Close but no cigar :lol: Loved it, good job :wink: Goes in my watch list.

Posted by Mellew08/27/06
and 99%of people tried! lol

Posted by mllee197408/27/06
I am a hint junkie!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: This hint did not help me...oh well..great teaser! :D

Posted by lmurray08/27/06

Posted by josty08/27/06
they all also have 2 pairs of the same letter

Posted by heyman08/27/06
These are the most frustrating. Because I sit there trying to figure out the issue KNOWING it is something like "take the first letter and put at the end and when you read backwards, it is the same word!" :evil: Okay, I'm feeling better now! :D

Posted by MurfQ08/28/06
Very nice. Only thing I would have liked to see though was that the hint really should have been part of the instructions so people like me wouldn't look at it and immediately dismiss it as just being multiple pairs of double letters and too obvious for anything. It doesn't help of course when you get them via the daily email where the hints aren't available till you click the link for the answer, but that's a site annoyance and has nothing to do with your cool teaser :D

Posted by RRAMMOHAN08/29/06
A great teaser! Didnt get it! :cry: Could only get so far as to note that each word had two letters in doubles. Definitely one of my favourites! Thanks for the selection! :lol:

Posted by ava19934508/29/06
this is another "Ohhh...I get it(now)" teaser

Posted by Qrystal08/30/06
hm. I like my answer better: take off the first letter, and the rest is a palindrome. I guess it's all the same in the end... since "reading backwards" is pretty much how palindrome is defined.

Posted by Terilynne8808/30/06
Thanks for all the great comments everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Posted by luvdoritos70608/31/06
WOW!!!!! u know i never saw these before.....very very nice

Posted by FeaerFactorY66609/02/06
Very nice! :D

Posted by solarsistim32109/05/06
CLEVER! going to the top! 3.3 the most popular fer now nice job!!! :D

Posted by solarsistim32109/05/06
wait, potatoe potato, lol :lol:

Posted by teen_wiz10/08/06
This is awesome! Great teaser! :D

Posted by grungy4910/28/06
Man... good teaser, though this idea is not original. Read Smee's comment on the teaser link below, made in March earlier this year, 4 months earlier than this teaser was submitted. Copy and paste this into your address bar. teaser.php?id=22537 (It didn't let me use words longer than 50 characters, so I had to break up that end bit.)

Posted by lukeschett04/17/07
Don't be so negative. This was a good teaser.

Posted by lkp6806/07/07
That was cool! Thanks!

Posted by amymarie112307/16/08
I thought it was neat PLEASE DONT DELETE THIS COMMENT: Wtb: if you are in my game then PM me and you get prize first! :D

Posted by Vivica08/28/09

Posted by sageowl310608/28/09
Or... you could just call it a palindrome.

Posted by doehead08/28/09
This has been in many publications, but it's interesting if you've never seen it. :P :P :P

Posted by crazy10man08/28/09
I've never seen it, and I thought it was very clever. Loved it! That's the trouble with life nowadays; everything's been around before in one form or another.

Posted by tova_l08/28/09
Great teaserr! I got it right away! There's been something like this going around in email too, so that helped a bit. Going in my favorites right away! :lol: :lol:

Posted by auntiesis08/28/09
I thought it was repeated letters as some others did. I never noticed the hint. Good one, actually one of my faves. :D :D

Posted by patiencewithaP08/28/09
Great teaser! :D

Posted by craniac08/28/09
way cool!

Posted by racoonieboy08/13/10
I would've answered that the letters after the first one are palindromes. But that works as well.

Posted by Babe08/29/12
Devilbunny is correct. When I went to school it was potatoe and tomatoe, but somewhere along the line it was changed and argued about for some time, but originally it was with an E. nice teaser all the same. :)

Posted by gaylewolf08/29/12
Babe, I'm curious about where you went to school. The only time I've seen potato and tomato spelled with an "e" is when the words are made plural. Good puzzle! :wink: :)

Posted by cutebug08/29/12
Babe, I'm with Gayle on this one. Your spelling teacher must flunked spelling. :roll: :roll:

Posted by HABS293308/29/12
I've never seen it with an "e" either, but then maybe it was changed before I got to school. OR perhaps babe and Quayle had the same spelling teacher. I think the original comment about the "e" was in reference to that (if you look at the date of it).

Posted by dsjt08/29/12
My guess was: If you remove the first letter from each word, they are all palindromes.

Posted by asupmdr08/29/12
A simpler answer is that each word has two each of two letters. Terilynne88's answer is much more elegant.

Posted by thedavincigame08/29/12
I loved this teaser so much I decided to write a sentence using the same format: Willi Greer at a belle gala too ? (Referring to William Greer, JFK's driver)

Posted by here208/29/12
Might have been interesting to add a word that didn't have two sets of repeat letters. Perhaps "To" or "go" (or any other two letter word). Or even a four letter one like "Data" or "Fete" or "Mete".

Posted by eamon08/29/12
I didn't bother with the hint so I just got words with at least two pairs of repeated letters. As an aside, I can't believe how often the Dan Quayle "spellinge lessone" keeps popping up in these things.


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