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Where's My Daughter

Submitted By:bighippo4
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Many 'Situation Puzzles' are not designed to be answered by themselves. The idea is for one person to know the answer and other people in a group to try and guess it using yes or no questions. The first person to get the answer is the winner.
A woman and her daughter go to Europe for vacation. They check in at the hotel, register, and then go into separate rooms to sleep. The mother sleeps late, and when she wakes she goes to her daughter's room to wake her up. She knocks, and nobody answers. She turns the knob, and to her surprise it is unlocked. She goes inside and finds nobody. She notices the room is very clean, though. She goes downstairs, glances at the registry, and to her shock, her daughter's name is nowhere to be seen! When she asks the clerk about her daughter, the clerk says she (the mother) did not come in with any other person!

What happened to her daughter?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Mogmatt1604/23/02
if the pleauge was there and a lot of people went missing, wouldn't someone find out eventually?

Posted by tiffiney7906/08/02
that's pushing it, but i gotta give you credit for creativity:-)

Posted by dewtell07/24/02
This answer seems like a stretch - would plague go from no symptoms to death, discovery and cleanup so fast? What happened to the mother's signature in the registry? I came up with an alternate solution: unknown to both women, there were actually two hotels connected by a common lobby. The daughter registered first, while the mother stayed with the luggage, and then came back to tell her mother her room number. Then the mother went and registered at the other hotel. The room with the daughter's room number was vacant and clean because no one had used it the night before.

Posted by einat1612/16/02
I thought the daughter was the made, that's why the room was cleaned up, and being ashaimed of working as a made she told her mother they were going on a vacation while she was really there to work. she left in the morning to clean other rooms, and told the clerk to lie so that her mother doesn't find out. OK, not that dramatic, but made much more sence than that disease...

Posted by Maria4Tony02/13/04
I like your alternate one dewtell. Pity this person bet you to it :(

Posted by aPlatinum06/23/04
Try again, babe

Posted by accordionman06/24/04
Well, i don't really see how anyone could get the plague part, and even the dying from a disease is hard to get. Her daughter could of jumped out of a window, hung herself, or other methods of dying.

Posted by username07/30/04
extremely hard to get. there could be lots of other reasons a hotel would want to cover up things. what if someone murdered the daughter and wanted to get rid of the body? or anything else like that. it's extremely difficult.

Posted by DummyisDumb03/03/05
I heard this from a scary story book, but forgot the answer... :P

Posted by sweetime07/13/05
right well i thought that the hotel was a front for a kidnapping operation (you know the kind of place that kidnaps young women and then forces them into prostitution or the like).

Posted by Quickq04/28/06
How would the maid know the bubonic plague was the cause of the death? :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by calmsavior05/11/06
theres only one thing i have to say about this teaser: EXTREMELY ARBITRARY.

Posted by medster9906/22/06
I read this in a whiched old believe it or not book. i believe that this is based off of a true story

Posted by akl2107/27/06
So does anyone else care to explain what the bubonic plague is? I'm in the dark. :oops: That's sort of that movie with Jodie Foster--Flight Plan.

Posted by JKnightD12/12/06
I'm sorry, but the only thing this "teaser" tests is one's creative ability to come up a possible solution. Personally, I thought it was a waste of time. Ironic that I would take the time to post this comment, no?

Posted by bluefever10105/24/07

Posted by GABALLA0607/10/07
that was slightly disturbing... :-?

Posted by horseluvr09/10/07
i agree with most of the people here. from the time that symptoms arise, it is three or so days before the victom is dead. it also does not spread from human to human.

Posted by fishhooky01/02/08
Aliens came and conducted an experiment by abducting the daughter and possessing the body of the clerk. The clerk was possessed in order to observe unobtrusively the response of the mother. This was my answer which I think is as equally plausible.

Posted by snappytom01/24/08
bighippo....I think you are on something....

Posted by nightowl1901/26/08
Okay, that was off of a TV show or a movie, only in the show, it was the mother who died. They even went to the trouble of changing the wallpaper to convince the daughter that her mother wasn't with her. :roll:

Posted by minfu204/08/08
you wouldn't die of the plague overnight. You would probably notice the swells, tell your mom, and be sent to the hospital.

Posted by clutzy04/19/08
The Bubonic Plague? What kind of answer is that? :-?

Posted by TRILLIONAIRE11/02/08
Why would any staff be inside their hotel room overnight? How would they even know about it?

Posted by Pokemaniac11/11/08
How would anyone know it was what it was? It dosen't say anything about it in the text! It dosen't make any scence with the ending thats in the teaser!!! :evil: :evil:

Posted by Zomg-pie11/22/08
Uck! I thought the daughter got abducted by aliens who are very intellegent and were able to delete info from the Clerk's computer so the daughter was never there

Posted by batatis11/27/08
wow that sucks. :PP

Posted by TeCNoYoTTa01/09/09
makes no sence

Posted by Twilight4eva92806/27/09
That seems like a far fetched answer. I thought that the girl just checked out early and that the one hotel guy had short term memory lose.

Posted by brain2310/18/09 sad that the daughter died.

Posted by Prinesca12/31/09
I thought the clerk murdered the daughter.

Posted by rockstar123456706/02/11
i dont think people took vacations back was for something purposeful if you needed to stay in an inn

Posted by donaldtrumpet05/22/12
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is a scary hotel! :o

Posted by extremeblueness07/07/13
For all you people commenting on the bubonic plague, the bubonic plague causes one of the quickest deaths of any disease. Also, its symptoms are extremely obvious, bearing large sores most notoriously.

Posted by klsowell09/19/13
WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o :( :cry: CREEPY HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THE BUBONIC PLAGUE ^O^

Posted by klsowell09/19/13

Posted by klsowell09/19/13

Posted by Logic12/20/14
Calm Down, everyone. The Bubonic Plague happened CENTURIES AGO. This teaser must have happened in a time when time travel was possible, so someone may have accidentally carried the plague with them after time travel. :roll:

Posted by Blued0901/01/15
:o Well, that escalated quickly...


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