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Many 'Situation Puzzles' are not designed to be answered by themselves. The idea is for one person to know the answer and other people in a group to try and guess it using yes or no questions. The first person to get the answer is the winner.
A woman was building a birdhouse. She had exactly the right amount of nails to complete the project - no extras. While she was hammering, she broke a nail! But she was still able to finish the birdhouse. How?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by monkeygrl9908/11/06
This was a good teaser, but personally, I thought that this one was a little too EZ. Yay! First one!!LOL :) :D :P :lol:

Posted by unklemyke08/11/06
Cute, but easy :wink: Perhaps if you had said, "A carpenter was building a birdhouse"? Knowing that the builder is a woman makes the solution much more apparent - everyone knows how obsessive women are about their fingernails! :lol: P.S. What you really wanted to say was that she had the exact NUMBER of nails, not "amount." When you're counting things, it's "number ," when you're weighing or measuring them, it's "amount." :roll:

Posted by Pizzazz2u08/11/06
This one is more fun, then tough. :P But, a good one, none the less. Even some men are quite conscious of their nails, including my dear Just keep those bandages handy. :wink:

Posted by scallio08/12/06
Way too easy smeezy... fun though. :)

Posted by jodocroco08/12/06
Easy, but i like it. As soon as you said "she broke a nail" I assumed she had broke a finger nail anyway lol. :D

Posted by vbguy10108/15/06
Right... I have another one like that coming up... IF I GET 250 POINTS! :roll:

Posted by djs2cute2chi08/28/06
niz very ez not saying its a bad thing well make more funny 1s!!!!

Posted by sayaah9209/01/06
I liked it :D , though it was rather easy...

Posted by jesus_freak10/19/06

Posted by Sherilyn12/03/06
simple and easy! I like it!

Posted by aaryaman9306/19/07
He said nail , not fingernail . :roll:

Posted by coltonr107/17/07
Thats funny.

Posted by horseluvr09/15/07
while i agree that it is any easy teaser, it is a great teaching device for children to learn about homophones

Posted by freader5at6345603/13/09
I was asking my brother about this one, and he said: "I think that she was using one nail for the birdie to stand on, so she really didn't need it." When I told him the real answer, here's his response: "That makes no sense, why did she break a fingernail? Why not a normal nail?!? :o " He's an absolute idiot. But, I did have to think about it a little :oops:

Posted by beyonce12302/15/10
i got that in 2 seconds because i am female :)

Posted by beyonce12302/15/10
shouldn't this be under trick?????????????????????????????


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