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This One Doesn't Fly

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:** (1.95)
Difficulty:*** (3.08)

3 = N-C-L P to D a G P

(N-C-L represents a three-part hyphenated word)

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by VolleyballLover08/30/06
That was hard. :D

Posted by dolphingurl1208/31/06
I see the answer and I still don't get it! :oops:

Posted by xolilangel827ox09/01/06
we were just talking about this in my geometry class today!! but i still didnt get it. but technichally any two of the points have to be collinear! :D

Posted by vlerma09/10/06
:oops: :roll: Well, that one flew right over my head. Too technical for this old grayma.

Posted by leinad8812/05/06
colinear isn't hyphenated, I may have gotten it if that had been the right way.

Posted by drussel306/05/07
Tricky, a letter-equation with a mathematica basis.


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