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Breaking the Sound Barrier

Submitted By:bigSWAFF_69_
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A number of people have broken the sound barrier, either in a super-fast car, or in nice fancy planes. However, hundreds of years ago it was broken on horseback. How?

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Posted by blondebookworm09/09/06
wow. I learned something new today. Nice job! :D

Posted by blondebookworm09/09/06
wow. I learned something new today. Nice job! :D

Posted by twixy09/09/06

Posted by GebbieRose09/09/06
That's interesting! :D

Posted by brillent209/10/06
I went back to school today very good one, gave me an headache :x

Posted by rkaaland09/13/06
well, as much as I deal with horses I probably should have known that!! Good JOB Swaff! :lol:

Posted by OldChinaHand10/10/06
This one was a snap...good one. 8)

Posted by lmurray10/10/06

Posted by Phalanx10/10/06
well that one was great...! :)

Posted by marschie10/10/06
Who was the comedian who used to say, "Verry Inerresting?" He was on SNL. I too say, "Verry Inerresting." :wink:

Posted by Badger10/10/06
Kids, just be sure you don't take someone's eye out with this one! :lol: EZPZ Swaff, but fun fact. Thanks for submitting! :D

Posted by Badger10/10/06
PS: For those who care... It's the Law of Conservation of Energy. As the whip goes from thick to very thin at the tip, the mass decreases... The energy is the same and has to "go" somewhere... It goes into accelerating the tip beyond the sound barrier... The energy dissipates in the form of sound waves and heat. SNAP!

Posted by bradon18200110/10/06
Have to agree with all of the above. This was very educational and interesting. :o

Posted by iteachkids10/10/06
Fun to learn ... and fun to learn even more from these other Brilliant Brainglers. Thanx EVERY:DNE!

Posted by FatHead10/10/06
Cool! Of course, I would think this might go under the Trick category. :roll:

Posted by BeckyD10/10/06
To Marschie: I remember that phrase, "Verrrrry Interrresting," but it wasn't on SNL... it was one of the regular phrases spoken on that very old comedy show, "Laugh In." It was one of Arte Johnson's characters where he wore a German uniform and helmet, and would be hiding behind some shrubbery, peeking through at one of their other funny skits. He used a German accent, too, when he said that phrase. Ok, I'm dating myself again... yes, I remember those OLD shows!! LOL

Posted by BeckyD10/10/06
I also thought this was an excellent brain teaser!! It never occured to me that a bullwhip made that cracking sound because of breaking the sound barrier. MY guess was really dumb... I thought it was that he passed over a time zone.... hahahaha!!! :oops:

Posted by Trishgal10/10/06
Ireally did not know just how interesting all this was til I read the comments. :D :D their are some very well informed people here. :wink: Thx.Keep these coming. 8)

Posted by 4kai2lyn610/10/06
I love you people! Everyone here seems to want to learn for the pure and simple satisfaction of obtaining knowledge! Thanks youse guyes! Verrrry intttterrrrrresting stuffs here!

Posted by Infrared10/10/06
I got this one! :D

Posted by OhEmGee10/10/06
huh? i dont get this one! i mean i kinda understand but its sorta confusing. someone please help me out?? RESPOND TO THIS COMMENT PLEASE!!

Posted by FeaerFactorY66610/10/06
smart! nice!

Posted by OhEmGee10/10/06

Posted by davidrools10/10/06
I think of the whips that jockeys use while riding a horse and it's more of a switch kind of a device that just smacks the horse's butt (i'm totally not a horse person) and not a whip that breaks the sound barrier. The ones you imagine being used by old stage coach drivers are the whips that crack from the mini sonic boom...but those are used from a carriage or coach rather than on the horse's back.

Posted by OhEmGee10/10/06
davidrools? thanks sooo much!!! yay

Posted by OhEmGee10/10/06
davidrools whats your last name??

Posted by Pizzazz2u10/10/06
After checking the answer, I knew it. But, I have to admit, this wasn't on the list of any of the items I have learned to remember. :wink: Very good and a fascinating teaser for youngsters. Keep them coming. :P :wink:

Posted by mmmcla0110/10/06
:D Good job! I didn't really care for it but trivia teasers don't interest me that much ... still good job :D

Posted by mentalcase10/10/06
Good job, davidrools. I got on here (for the first time ever, mind you!) only to be annoyingly erudite and point out that while this was a cool braingle, it was not strictly true - the whips used while riding, also called quirts, are short and do not break the sound barrier. These long whips are only used while driving. So there you have it, Mighty Brains! Keep on braingling! mentalcase :D

Posted by thesd1610/10/06
heard this somewhere else, but i couldn't figure out then, but when i saw the answer, i wondered why i didn't.

Posted by tmking10/10/06
wow i cant wait to tell my friends that one.

Posted by i_luv_2_read10/10/06
neat little trivia fact....i read it in a puzzler book somewhere once 8) :wink:

Posted by luvdoritos70610/11/06
thats very interesting....makes sense

Posted by tdbrsun10/12/06
I too learned something new. Great teaser!

Posted by Qrystal10/13/06

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/15/06
Wow, that was brilliant, and very interesting! Didnt know this! Thanks to all those who gave the scientific explanation - i have learnt something new today! Thanks for the teaser. :roll:

Posted by MalcolmReynolds10/28/06
Finally a "harder" one I can get.. lol.

Posted by vlerma10/28/06
Nice job there. I was trying to think what you could do to a horse that would make him that fast. But having been raised on the farm I can remember my dad popping the old bull whip over the horse's head when he was rounding up the cows. But of course I didn't remeber until I saw the answer. Great job. :D

Posted by Stormcrafter11/29/06
The difficulty rating would apparently show that that is *not* a commonly known fact... :-? I knew that from when I was in third grade :laugh: But then I like finding out random oddities and nuances. Did you know that coca-cola was originally green? :wink:

Posted by john170107/19/09
Am I the only person who also thought of firearms? A flintlock pistol propels a bullet faster than sound, and flintlocks were being used by soldiers on horseback at least a couple of hundred years ago.

Posted by jaycr10/10/09
OK, it's kinda out there but I was thinking about breaking a horse who's name was "Sound Barrier".

Posted by doehead10/10/09
Another repeat,another repeat, another repeat, another repeat, another repeat. TAKE NOTICE EDITORS, SEE HOW SICKENING IT IS SEEING THE SAME OLD TEASERS. :o :oops: :cry:

Posted by craniac10/10/09
Hmmm, even with the correction provided by Davidrools, I'm not sure I believe this explanation, I thought a whip cracks because it's leather striking leather really hard. I don't know enough physics to judge if the answer given for this teaser is correct or not. Just call me a skeptic today.

Posted by bestgirl10/10/09
Doehead, cool it. Don't make me sorry I voted to keep you here. I have been a member for at least 2 years, and I hadn't seen this one. Now, I admit I have been wondering why most post lately are so old, but I assume not many people are submitting.

Posted by phyllisa10/10/09
Interesting, but I agree that you use a different kind of whip on a horse. It is called a crop. Anyway, my answer was Paul Revere :D !

Posted by UptheHill10/10/09
HA! 8)

Posted by patiencewithaP10/10/09
Fun! :D

Posted by auntiesis10/10/09
I was hung up on the horse breaking the sound barrier, never gave a thought to the whip. I even knew that fact from many years ago, but never connected it to this teaser. Well done. :D :lol: :D

Posted by TZCastor10/10/09
yay i got it with my first guess. and did you know if you dipped a whp in gasoline, and cracked it it would make a mini fireball becuase of the air friction of the sonic boom. :o

Posted by HABS293310/10/12
Very easy, Looking at the dates again it appears that this was reaser of the day on this date in 2006 and 2009 now in 2012- Another 3 year cycle it seems. When I first started on this site I never ubderstood why it bothered Doehead so much. Now that I've been here for a bit I completely understand and agree. We need to get some newer teasers in the rotation, Many of the submitters of these old teasers have not even been on the site in 3+ years.

Posted by JQPublic10/10/12
Fun teaser! :D

Posted by cutebug10/10/12
I agree w/ HABS. Maybe that guy DOEHEAD was pretty smart after all. :D :D

Posted by Gwendalla10/10/12
Actually, I learned this a couple days ago in physics. And I was so excited to use my knowledge today! Well written. Danke! :)

Posted by iggy3910/10/12
never would have guessed that :oops: :oops: :oops: :(

Posted by Babe10/10/15
Just reading some of the comments is like they are breaking the sound barrier!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D

Posted by cutebug10/10/15
2006-2009-1012-2015. I guess we'll see this one again in 2018. :roll: :roll:

Posted by raisin9910/10/15
I knew that fact about the whip and I stil didn't get the answer


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