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16 Coins

Submitted By:fishmed
Fun:*** (2.79)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)

Johnny was given 16 coins by his older, somewhat meaner brother, Mark. He told him that he could keep them all if he could place all 16 on the table in such a way that they formed 15 rows with 4 coins in each row.

After 10 minutes, Johnny walked away with the coins and Mark, after complaining futilely to his mother, left with nothing.

How did Johnny place the coins?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by scallio09/28/06
Too tough! I loved it, but I didn't get it even with the clue. And I hate using the clues in the first place! :( Great teaser! :D

Posted by Pizzazz2u09/28/06
I did look at the hint to get myself started. :roll: I had a different possibility figured out, compared to your answer. It works on the same principal as your solution, but you will get 16 rows for 16 coins... with 4 coins in each row. I do suppose your answer is the correct one, though :wink: Dynamic teaser and reasonably tough. 8)

Posted by tmking10/07/06
LOL :lol: I had almost this same problem on during a matth computition

Posted by Phalanx10/09/06
damn, that was a tough one...! I had pentgrammas, pentagons arround the star, david stars and so on... put a star within a star... didn't think about that! Great!

Posted by qwertyopiusa11/29/06

Posted by qwertyopiusa11/29/06
Pizzazz2u: Could you explain how you can get the 16 rows???

Posted by jrg161212/07/06
WOW!! you got me!!! one point for you :roll:

Posted by t4mt01/03/07
It was clever, but the hint gave it away. 8)

Posted by opqpop01/30/10
Wow, I don't think I would have gotten this in a million years :( Very creative mind you got!

Posted by papiermeister12/03/10
wow, that was hard! Would not have got it without the hint. Came to me after that, tho. Good one! :lol:

Posted by bradon18200112/03/10
Definitely needed the hint. Good teaser.


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