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Submitted By:Shriya
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (3.01)

24 S in the A C on the I N F

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Shriya10/21/06
Yay, this's my FIRST ACCEPTED TEASER!!!! :P

Posted by scallio10/21/06
Way too hard for my taste! Thanks for the teaser. :)

Posted by Shriya10/21/06
I just wanted to get a teaser submitted.

Posted by Brainy_110/21/06
Nice job!! :D I learned something new today! Congratz on your first teaser! :D 8)

Posted by TechA10/22/06
Yea I Remember Reviewing Your Teaser :wink:

Posted by chidam1110/24/06
Congrats! on your first teaser!!! A very nice one to start off with. Hope to see more of yours out there. :D

Posted by TechA11/02/06
Yea Congrats Shriya 8)

Posted by dishu11/07/06
congrats shriya! :)

Posted by Pizzazz2u11/13/06
Hmmm!?! I can see that ALL of us can learn something new, every day. :wink: I didn't know this one at all. :P

Posted by pompeybird11/14/06
Too hard for me but very interesting fact

Posted by dalfamnest12/07/09
Fun! Thanks for the hint so i could get the INF bit right - and then to learn the name of the b it in the middle. :D

Posted by Shriya10/15/10
Although its a bit late for this, but thanks anyway! :D


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