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Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:**** (3.27)

Five horses have just competed in the annual "Glue Factory Stakes". With the given clues, determine for each horse: its color, its number, its jockey, and where it finished.

Finish: Win, Place, Show, 4th, 5th
Horses: Ghoulish Pleasure, Infirm, Roughage, Seattle Slow, Secret Harriet
Colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, White
Numbers: #18, #29, #37, #46, #50
Jockeys: Allen, Jerry, Luke, Nathan, Tim

1) The 5 horses are: Infirm, the horse ridden by Tim, the horse that wore black, #50, and the horse that Placed.
2) The 5 jockeys are: Allen, the one that rode Seattle Slow, the one that rode the horse that wore red, the one that rode #18, and the one that rode the horse that Showed.
3) Secret Harriet finished ahead of the horse that wore blue, which finished ahead of the horse ridden by Luke.
4) #50 finished ahead of the horse that wore white, but finished behind Roughage.
5) Jerry finished next to #37.
6) Allen finished next to #29.
7) The horse that wore blue finished two positions away from #50.
8) The horse that wore yellow finished two positions away from #46.
9) Luke finished at least two positions away from #46.
10) Nathan finished at least two positions away from #50.
11) Luke rode a horse that wore an even number.
12) Only one of the horses that wore a primary color also wore an even number.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by amn085610/23/06
Logic grid puzzles are my favorite. I normally get them very easily, but this puzzle was so confusing. There were too many "this person came before this color and this color came before this number" type clues. I had a lot of red x's on the grid but no green circles. I even tried to figure it out just on paper but I just gave myself a headache trying to figure out your puzzle.

Posted by chaskey10/23/06
When it became obvious that I was never going to solve clue #8, I gave up. Too tough for me. :-?

Posted by ciotog10/23/06
For those having trouble getting started on this teaser, here's my initial grid solver using a process of elimination on the individual clues alone (in other words, I've only put an X if a single clue suggests that two attributes don't belong together): Now to get an easy match, look at clue #7 to see which colour finished in "Place" and which number finished in "4th". Good luck!

Posted by Yankeejimg10/24/06
This was one of the most difficult puzzles I have ever done. It took several tries before I was able to get it correct. I think the difficulty rating should be much higher. :o

Posted by kaakramer10/25/06
This one took me close to an hour, but I got it right! It was fun, too. Thanks!

Posted by dragonfantasy10/26/06
very very tough, thought the rating should have been harder. Got it but it took many many tries. Thank you for the tough puzzle.

Posted by chaskey10/30/06
I worked on several days to finally get this one! :roll: I feel almost brain-dead, but I got it after guessing on one square. (Cheating)! :wink: I did enjoy it! :D

Posted by hcut311/02/06
I have not been on braingle in a while and thought i would rest my brain with some easy stuff after starting college and the first one i choose was this one and man it had me up for an hour trying to do it and i still got it wrong but it was fun thanks for making me feel even more stupid than what my professors have been doing. lol!!!!!

Posted by locomom11/03/06
WOW! What a brain workout! :roll: I actually had to print out the grid and the clues and make up my own little chart to solve this one. :D But...solve it, I did!!! Thanks for a really tough one. :D

Posted by andytree11/06/06
It took me several tries, but I finally got it. PLEASE give us more toughies like this...there haven't been nearly enough lately!

Posted by horsehun11/12/06
duh huh? what? brain fried now. no clue how u came up with this. Are you Asian

Posted by crackurcode11/13/06
Close to the toughest one I have tried on here. Took me about 1.5 hours and 2 attempts. Enjoyed, thanks!

Posted by Moody11/21/06
amn0856; I can relate. I got one green one and don't think it's right. Oy vey. :lol: :oops: :( :o

Posted by Cat-Lady12/20/06
Haaaard :-? After several interrupted attmpts with grid and paper AND the answer, I STILL couldn't get it :oops: I rate this Very Hard and challenging. Great puzzle :D :( :o

Posted by phrebh01/25/07
After two false starts and hours of work, I finally solved this one. I didn't guess at all, but I also didn't follow the logic mentioned in the answer, so don't ask me how I did it. I guess I was just one with the grid. :lol: Great teaser!

Posted by Thel03/12/07
This one was a real toughie! Very enjoyable, one of the most difficult ones on this site. More, more! (pretty please with cherries on top?) :D :D :D

Posted by mocha61311/15/07
This took a fantastically long time! I loved every second of it. You've done a great job.

Posted by mom_rox11/19/07
similar comment to phrebh - I did not have to resort to trial and error; but had to use some logic (of course :wink: ) to eliminate some squares. cnmne - another excellent puzzle.

Posted by Kiyoko07/05/08
This one was REALLY tough, but I'm glad I saw it through because it was really fun! Like on another puzzle I did, I somehow knew who was in last place. :wink: Weird, huh?

Posted by june1211/08/08
way too hard for me :oops:

Posted by mrsfessler05/22/09
this was a really good puzzle... made you do a lot more deducing than others. One of the hardest I've done!

Posted by trewq08/31/09
nice puzzle ..but the name made me not want to do it :cry: good, difficult but not too hard :D

Posted by braindeadmommia02/20/10
Can you say, "Doozy"? :-?

Posted by chriscat11/05/10
Nice puzzle -- I like the hard ones. Took me a little while but all worked out. (Like the previous poster, though, I was put off by "Glue Factory" in the name!)

Posted by J-Five06/01/12
Man it was a pain. I had to "check" my answers.

Posted by Obilio03/30/13
My grid was messed up, read the comments, so I guess it is my lil' old laptop that is messed up :) I drew a grid by hand to do it anyway, cause there aren't nearly enough challenging teasers to waste one! I loved it, thanks very much for your work!

Posted by extremeblueness07/16/13
The grid solver's broken.


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