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Tick and Tock

Submitted By:LordT
Fun:** (1.74)
Difficulty:* (0.71)

I tick and I tock,
I count every second.
I can be a grandfather too.

What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by grungy4911/13/06
This is one of the easiest teasers I've ever seen... a bit too easy. Good try though.

Posted by Pizzazz2u11/13/06
Almost too easy! Keep trying, though! :wink:

Posted by amn085611/13/06
It's a good try, but way way way too easy.

Posted by DaleGriffin11/13/06
great teaser!! :D

Posted by NicoletheElf11/13/06
I agree, to easy, keep trying :D

Posted by junesun678911/13/06
a bit easy but good word usage! :D

Posted by calmsavior11/14/06
Does this beat the record for the easiest teaser on the site?

Posted by Katelin11/14/06
I think it is just fine that this teaser is easy; little kids need something they can solve, so it is appropriate that this site contain easier teasers. So I give ya a thumbs-up! :D

Posted by MalcolmReynolds11/16/06
Oh, I give up. Is it a watermelon?

Posted by LordT11/25/06
its still a teaser even if its so easy :x

Posted by maingle-_-11/28/06
Talk about easy! man, I'm not sure if that's riddle worthy :P

Posted by pretty-in-pink12/04/06
i got the answer, but i dont get how it could be a grandfather too.... :-? :-?

Posted by LordT12/05/06
cos u get granfather clocks :roll:

Posted by snowmonster12/08/06
I liked it! Very cute - and good for the younger members! :D

Posted by dex35612/15/06
really really easy. Nothing else in the world Tick-Tocks

Posted by LordT12/16/06
my heart dus

Posted by soccergirl9812/23/06
this is so esay dude :P

Posted by katie412/27/06
very very ez

Posted by saradove01/12/07
It was easy but not everything has to be brainwrackingly hard either. (is brainwrackingly even a word?) :o :-? Easy is good :D

Posted by amb191201/22/07

Posted by tintiniscool02/03/07

Posted by HarryPutter05/30/07
maybe it would be harder if you just took away the tick tock part :D very easy but enjoyable

Posted by omgitsash07/24/07
e ea eas easy!! eas ea e :roll:

Posted by alli-palli04/28/08
i thought it was cute :lol:


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