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16 + 53 + 3 + 27 + 7 = 14

Submitted By:spookboy0
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When does the following equation become true:

16 + 53 + 3 + 27 + 7 = 14

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Posted by GebbieRose11/20/06
Very clever, indeed! You got me, & all the time my periodic table was sitting right in front of me! :D

Posted by Zelvinrocks11/20/06
I didn't know that it was invovled with the table of elements. I thought it was the sum of all the numbers times two equals 14. 16+53+3+27+7=106 1+0+6=7 7+7=14

Posted by Stormcrafter11/20/06
In the reviewing bay I thought this very clever, and now it's out I shall favou-*gunshot* Ragah! I pheo atth idn'dt od irabn admeag... He? Maragnas? Hawt? :-?

Posted by Pizzazz2u11/20/06
I would never have thought of your answer, with my mind. :P Awesome teaser. 8)

Posted by CountdownCrispy11/20/06
Great puzzle! :D

Posted by spookboy011/20/06
But if that were the case, then 1 + 0 + 6 = 77, and thus, it doesn't work.

Posted by mathmama11/22/06
excellent :D

Posted by I_Write_Books11/22/06
Great teaser! Of course, I fell into the trap...but great teaser all the same! :D

Posted by vlerma11/25/06
:( Too hard for me but I did follow the answer quiite well. Would have never kown the answer tho. For me it would have been unsolvable, but it is a great brain teaser. :oops:

Posted by senther712/03/06
ooooo i see it bad i dont take cemestry yet. :oops:

Posted by hoyty12/30/06
I didn't solve it but this was great! Gotta think outside of the box on this one. I'm passing it on to those in my family that are chemistry majors. (but I'm not telling them this has to do with chemistry)

Posted by coachpisco12/30/06
That's WAY too difficult for me. :(

Posted by gaylewolf12/30/06
I guess I don't think along those lines! :cry: What I like most about these teasers is that they appeal to a wide variety of people's interests! :) :P :D :lol: Thanks! Can't wait for a new one each day! :D

Posted by feste12/30/06
I hadn't the faintest idea, and after reading the answer I non the wiser.

Posted by bradon18200112/30/06
Have to agree with Coachpisco and Feste. What do you think Imurray? :o

Posted by Infinitoid12/30/06
i tihnk its the whole "other" catagory if you can actually give it a catagory, we could guess a little better. when its "other" you dont really know what to expect. all in all, its clever, but its just a little unanticipating kinda answer

Posted by heyman12/30/06
I did the following: (53-27-16-3) = 7 7 + 7 = 14 So there is more than one answer.

Posted by lmurray12/30/06

Posted by spookboy012/30/06
Heyman (the user), that equation wouldn't work because you would have to change the initial teaser, which is out of the question. The teaser says to add, so why would you subtract?

Posted by mmmcla0112/30/06
Shouldn't this be in either the 'trick' or 'science' category??

Posted by breathesunshine12/30/06
I was way off with this one. Was trying to figure it out with the obvious, math.

Posted by HyunYung12/30/06
i agree with spookyboy0 u could have other answers but for them to make sence the original would have to be twisted up and that ruins it if he ment minus, why wouldn't he have written it like that?

Posted by rajakiit12/30/06
I thought it had to do with time... 16 minutes + 53 minutes + 3 minutes + 27 minutes + 7 minutes = 14 minutes before the hour.

Posted by katjojo12/30/06
I agree with several others, this should have at least been labled a Science Teaser. :(

Posted by Badger12/30/06
Loved the teaser, enjoyed the creativity of the alternative answers! Thanks for submitting. :D

Posted by speedqueenkmw12/30/06
:roll: way too tough for me.

Posted by iteachkids12/30/06
Ouch! My brain hurts!!!

Posted by scallio12/31/06
Too much for me! :o

Posted by tpkarth12/31/06
Needed a hint abt the chemistry

Posted by Qrystal01/02/07
A hint would've been very welcome. I was stumped. But I loved the answer, and wished it had occurred to me to use chemistry! I started by playing around with hours and minutes, though I didn't come up the answer rajakiit got (or any answer at all, for that matter). Oh well!

Posted by choptlivva01/02/07
Awesome teaser Spookboy!! Very creative thinking!! :D

Posted by i_luv_2_read01/05/07
that is so cool! i love chemistry!!! and science in general!!!

Posted by Cat-Lady01/09/07
I blew it, just like I did the Chem Lab in high school :lol: :oops: :lol: What a great teaser! Even with a hint of "Chemistry", I would not have gotten it :lol:

Posted by adiddie4801/17/07
the only reason i got that was because i am studying for my chemistry mid term now otherwise you would have got me nice

Posted by bchandark01/30/07
I got this one because I did a chemistry teaser right before.

Posted by sftball_rocks1303/07/07
Immuray, why do you always put rude comments on other's teasers, when you don't even have any of your own? They took the time to come up with a great teaser (like this one :D ) and all you can do is insult it. This was really cute, I loved it :D Made me go "GENIOUS!" as soon as I read the answer :lol:

Posted by chickenzRcool03/14/07
"In the reviewing bay I thought this very clever, and now it's out I shall favou-*gunshot* Ragah! I pheo atth idn'dt od irabn admeag... He? Maragnas? Hawt? " - ROFLOL I don't understand ;D Great teaser!!!!!!!!Stumped me Congrats ;D!!!!!!

Posted by MrDoug03/18/07
Or when you are working within the cyclic group of order 92.

Posted by Jimbo03/25/07
Nice comment Doug!

Posted by smartaZz03/27/07
h0lly!! thAt was hArd!! l0lz braiiny :P

Posted by spinnercat07/23/07
impossible to get, but very cool once you see the answer!

Posted by Fire_Shell9601/18/08
Very clever. I knew it had to do something with elements because when I searched up "lithium" on the teaser search bar, it popped up. Still, I would have never thought of that...

Posted by mosca12/14/08
Spook, this was absolutely brilliant! Love your teasers! :lol:

Posted by javaguru01/08/09
I got the same solution as get this answer using modulo 92 arithmetic. :) It's pretty obscure since even though I thought to look at the periodic table, the answer didn't occur to me since there's no pattern related to the properties of the elements, just the symbols becoming a name. :o


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