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Submitted By:MarcM1098
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:*** (3.06)

This is quite a group I've found;
Look who belongs, it will astound.

In this group, find BY and LO,
But see neither HIGH nor LOW.

This group is not very big,
But it has GRIT, GIRT and TRIG.

HOVELS is in, but move the "s",
this group SHOVEL does not possess.

It is sad but true, this thought:
VOLE belongs, but LOVE does not.

Now, which one belongs, tell me quick:


I think you will do better,
If you focus on each letter.

Look close and you will see,
Group members have a symmetry.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by choptlivva01/05/07
Awesome, MarcM!! A little too tough for my pea brain this morning tho!! :lol:

Posted by saradove01/05/07
I liked it a lot but I was thinking hard all day and I think by the time I read this I had exausted my brain power for the day :D :lol: :oops: :D

Posted by Starberry01/05/07
Great teaser! Was a bit hard for me, but I had fun trying to figure it out! :d

Posted by scallio01/08/07
Too tough for me but delightfully entertaining. A very well thought out teaser! :D

Posted by lmurray02/14/07

Posted by leftclick02/14/07
Great teaser - I got it by just looking at the words for a while. The word "BY" tipped me off.

Posted by cloughme02/14/07
Excellent!! Now this is a teaser!! :wink:

Posted by Thel02/14/07
I wouldn't have got it in a million gazillion years! Excellent teaser, and very well written. Congratulations! :D :D :D

Posted by Aarghonauts02/14/07
:D :D :D Great one, by gad!! I love ones that are doable but hard. :wink: Actually, though this one was in theory "doable," I couldn't do it :evil: :lol: :lol: :oops: Made me like it even more :o

Posted by coachpisco02/14/07
??? :-?

Posted by xdbtcp02/14/07
Very fun! Took some time but got it - just what I needed to jumpstart my brain this morning! 8)

Posted by katjojo02/14/07
I would have never gotten it. :oops:

Posted by gaylewolf02/14/07
I agree with most of the other comments - clever, well written, but I had no clue! :oops: :roll: Thanks for a good one! :wink:

Posted by masquerademe23502/14/07
This was really hard.. ok teaser.

Posted by iteachkids02/14/07
:0UCH, my brain!!! Thanks for trying to make it work!!!

Posted by composer02/14/07
Impressive :) Keep 'em coming.

Posted by breathesunshine02/14/07
It took the hint to get me there but I got it! Great job MarcM! :D

Posted by Trishgal02/14/07
I did not get the answer, but it was really fun trying to figure it out. They say working at something like this daily will keep your mind sharp. :-? Guess I need some practice . Please keep sending these. They will train me to use that gray matter of mine. :wink:

Posted by speedqueenkmw02/14/07
way too tough for me. guess my brain doesn't think that way. nice job, tho. :cry:

Posted by lukeschett02/14/07
wow. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Posted by CatSmw02/14/07
Great teaser. I didn't figure it out

Posted by nikitafullmoon02/14/07
Wow! very creative teaser. Totally stumped me.

Posted by shawneeo02/14/07
I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it!!!! :D :D I had to read the hint, and then, I don't know, I guess the word "symetry", plus, like someone else said, the "by", and it just popped into my head. That's a good one, pretty hard but not impossible. Thanks for the wonderful teaser! :D

Posted by Synlapse02/14/07
This one was a Brain "Taser". Zapped me good. Had no clue. :cry:

Posted by piano_player02/14/07
way to hard for me!!!!! :oops: :lol:

Posted by lav4geniy02/14/07
Great teaser! And it rhymed, too. This is a great teaser, a Great Teaser, and did I mention, a GREAT TEASER?

Posted by jabdr02/14/07
This was a tough one...way out of my league. Even the hint didn't help. My kudos to Marc and the few who actually got the answer. :roll: :o

Posted by shdwhawk02/14/07
Still don't understand. What you mean by eqidistant letters?

Posted by MarcM109802/14/07
equidistant means the distance is equal (i.e. the letters are the same distance away from the middle of the alphabet)

Posted by Lady_Lani02/14/07
good job....thanks for the headache. I took a lucky guess and got the right answer after my left eye started twitching. hehe. 8)

Posted by mommydyanne02/14/07
Great teaser. Took me a day of analyzing before I figured it out. BY was also the clue for me.

Posted by vlerma02/15/07
Great teaser. but out of my dsata base today. Sorry. :)

Posted by bradon18200102/17/07
I'm still thinking about this one.????? :o

Posted by Qrystal02/26/07
All of my ideas about the group got shot down when I reread the riddle. Ow! I guess I got tazed too.

Posted by Jimbo03/25/07

Posted by TallTimber06/09/11
Well done. Very thought provoking.

Posted by Obilio05/20/13
How on earth did you figure this out to write in the first place?? Awesome, just awesome. Thanks :D


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