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The old woman who lives in a shoe has finally reached mandatory retirement age, and Mother Goose is now interviewing possible replacements. None of the five applicants is currently living in a shoe, though each notes on his or her application that he or she is living in a different eccentric domicile. And, although none has children, each applicant shares his or her abode with a number of domestic animals. No two keep the same type of animal.

While Mother Goose checks with her personnel department, see if you can match each applicant up with his or her domicile, as well as with the number and type of domestic animals each owns.

Names: Fanny, Gladys, Horace, Inez, Joe
Domiciles: banjo, churn, gourd, hat, jukebox
Animals: cats, chickens, geese, pigs, sheep
Numbers: not provided - you have to figure them out!

TBD (in the grid) = to be determined

1. Two applicants have the same number of animals, while each of the others has a different number.

2. The one who keeps geese lives in a jukebox.

3. Joe shares his abode with chickens.

4. The one who lives in a gourd has four fewer animals than Gladys (who doesn't raise sheep).

5. Fanny has 15 animals, which isn't the lowest number.

6. The one who shares his or her domicile with 19 sheep (who doesn't live in the churn) doesn't have the most animals.

7. The one who keeps cats doesn't have the lowest number of animals, but he or she does have three fewer animals than the applicant who lives in a banjo.

8. Inez (who doesn't live in a hat) has three fewer animals than another applicant.

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