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The Queen and the Chair

Submitted By:silent_lucidity
Fun:*** (2.62)
Difficulty:**** (3.14)

If I were to ask the Queen and the chair
Both to tell me what they were,
And then should beg of you to bear
To the top of the house the Queen and her chair,
The Queen, her chair, and yourself, all three,
In the same sentence would answer me.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by pitapockets01/24/07
I never would've gotten this. :lol:

Posted by neverg01/25/07

Posted by silent_lucidity01/25/07
Thank you all! This was my first submission, and the responses have been wonderful!

Posted by Katelin01/25/07
I like that, it's cute! :D

Posted by bbwild9501/25/07
I didn't get it but it was still fun!

Posted by Blondie11601/25/07
? :-?

Posted by scallio01/26/07
This is very well written, yet I just don't get it. I see so many riddles that are written more like poems and are just plain obvious- missing the "teaser" element. Now here's a riddle that is written as a riddle should be, and I don't understand the answer. :cry: Enlighten me please, anyone?

Posted by schatzy22801/29/07
scallio, the queen is notable the chair is no table you are not able(did you solve the riddle?) a very well done riddle alas, i did not solve it either

Posted by sweetmama01/30/07
Congrats on your first teaser. It was a very good one. Hope to see more from you. :D

Posted by scallio02/02/07
Thank you, Schatzy! The light bulb has come on!

Posted by keke930702/05/07
really nice teaser :D

Posted by Kellington02/07/07
Boo-urns! :-? I couldn't solve it...heh

Posted by parayik03/13/07
Stumped as usual! :lol:

Posted by ripple71602/05/08
I thought it was, "I'm tired." After dragging the Queen to the roof, I'm obviously tired. And, for the Queen being dragged there, she's also pooped. And the chair, well, it has to be sat upon all day.

Posted by claudia795002/05/08
funny and well set. obviously i did not solve it :cry: , but i liked it very much as it is exactly what i expect a riddle to be!! very very very well done! :D

Posted by bradon18200102/05/08
I'm not sure what to think about this riddle. I didn't get it, wasn't even on the right track. So I guess it is a very good riddle, but just not my idea of a solvable teaser. My opinion only. :o

Posted by doehead02/05/08
Clueless.Riddle had no direction. :( :( :(

Posted by cecepeach8302/05/08
I understand it but I don't know if it's solvable without a bit more direction. If you know what you're looking for, the answer follows but without some frame of reference I don't think anyone would think to answer the question as you have. Still very clever though! :wink:

Posted by tommysmo02/05/08

Posted by alexcunn02/05/08
terrible. why would the chair say it's no table? why would the queen answer that she is notable when you're asked to carry her and her chair upstairs? this one makes no sense and wasn't solvable with the riddle given.

Posted by BeaverFan02/05/08
That's good! I never would have figured that out. I was thinking that the answer was "we were downstairs"

Posted by bestgirl02/05/08
I agree with Alexcunn.

Posted by avonma02/05/08
Excellent! I couldn't figure it out, but I love the answer. It makes sense, now. Way to go! Give us another chance, please! :D

Posted by hancar02/05/08
Had no idea what I was looking for. Read clue and answer and still don't get it. :evil:

Posted by hradilv02/05/08
Completely un-solvable :evil:

Posted by redhedinsanity02/05/08
This was brilliant! Great job :)

Posted by clearisacolour02/05/08
I had no idea, even after reading it multiple times, what i was even looking for. I thought maybe it was "be seated", because a queen is a bee, a chair is a seat, and "you" could have been Ed? That's as far as I could get.

Posted by SweetPotato02/05/08
I like that, thanks. I don't feel so bad about not solving this one ... usually most others not only solve them when I can't, but some say they solved them very easily. Well, it looks like no one got it so far. :-? :D

Posted by 2ndhandrose02/05/08
It makes some sense when I see the answer but I wouldn't know how to arrive at it without more instruction :o :roll: Baffled by this. Thanks for the entry though. :D

Posted by Spammy02/05/08
Very clever and well questioned

Posted by craniac02/05/08
Sorry, but I don't think this is a good teaser. An acceptable riddle should be capable of being solved. This one isn't. There just aren't enough specific clues given.

Posted by hipeople02/05/08
i didnt get it at all very confusin :-?

Posted by jabdr02/05/08
Too cute :roll: Too clever :roll: And too hard :-? We should have an "Impossible" category I guess. 8)

Posted by Solwyvern02/05/08
I like the idea of this, but an example to clarify what you were looking for would have been helpful.

Posted by sbuske02/05/08
I have to agree this was not a very good riddle.

Posted by GrandmaB02/05/08
It was fun to read what the solution was, but it was a bit too obscure to be a teaser. Maybe a second verse to hint that it is a play on one word would have helped to make it less frustrating. :wink:

Posted by AuthenticallyMe02/05/08
Nice teaser! It was fun to solve...I didn't get the right answer, but what I got fits the criteria. I came up with "I am what I am". Very vague, but it answers the question and the riddle. Thanks for your creative teaser and keep more like it coming. ^_^

Posted by fishhooky02/05/08
Brilliant concept. Possibly lacking a little in the execution, although the riddle itself is well-written. Perhaps alluding to the 'I am notable' clue but suggesting this is what the queen would say doesn't help the reader a lot. Probably just too good for all of us.

Posted by xlrfreak02/06/08

Posted by dogg6pound902/06/08
brilliant poetry, brilliant concept, but lacks directive... you cant solve a riddle if you dont understand exactly what it is you are looking for :( :( :(

Posted by auntiesis02/06/08
Very confusing without more of a clue as to what you were looking for. A very well written little poem, but not enough explanation. Keep on trying. :wink: 8)

Posted by oddrey02/07/08
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!! a bit confusing, but still great.

Posted by mondayschild5902/07/08
I didn't get it right, but I still liked it very much. Thanks for posting a wonderful teaser. Monday~ :D

Posted by AppleBottoms02/08/08
Umm who made that up...... Boring

Posted by Zag2404/15/09
I agree that it is very clever, and extremely well presented. However, I also agree that it is pretty unsolvable by a mortal. Perhaps it could be fixed with a hint. You could say, "All three responses you received have the same letters in the same order, but with different spacing that makes them different words." That might be enough.

Posted by nakajima0104/17/10
If I were to ask the Queen and the chair Both to tell me what they were, -So the queen said here that she's notable? And she's also elegant, royal, famous.. And then should beg of you to bear To the top of the house the Queen and her chair, -so now her chair said he's not a table and also he's not a cabinet The Queen, her chair, and yourself, all three, so now I say i'm not able? Should I say you too? But why should I even say that? And why the hell I'm dragged into this riddle? This is a poorly constructed riddle. The rhyming is excellent but the content, uhm let's just get back on the rhyming. :lol:


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