Braingle Lite

Near Orange Bags?

Submitted By:calmsavior
Fun:*** (2.36)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

"What's the password?" asked The Entity, with a weasel-like demeanor. Spy IQ was confused, until he realized he had received a strange postcard weeks before. The crafty spy still needed to enter the underground cellar leading to a new set of gadgets to be used on the next mission, but he was halted by The Entity's presence. What the postcard said might help Spy IQ find the password The Entity needs to allow the spy into the secret lair. The postcard says this:

A relative of mine was expelled.
It was my niece.
Wouldn't you agree?
It was because she joined a band of bikers.
She's doing lots of things wrong.
She always shows a lot of toughness.

Isaac Newton:
Near orange bags lying east.
Gets as strange equally slowly.

That P.S. looks like it could be the catalyst to solve for the encrypted password. But, what could it be?

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