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Near Orange Bags?

Submitted By:calmsavior
Fun:*** (2.36)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

"What's the password?" asked The Entity, with a weasel-like demeanor. Spy IQ was confused, until he realized he had received a strange postcard weeks before. The crafty spy still needed to enter the underground cellar leading to a new set of gadgets to be used on the next mission, but he was halted by The Entity's presence. What the postcard said might help Spy IQ find the password The Entity needs to allow the spy into the secret lair. The postcard says this:

A relative of mine was expelled.
It was my niece.
Wouldn't you agree?
It was because she joined a band of bikers.
She's doing lots of things wrong.
She always shows a lot of toughness.

Isaac Newton:
Near orange bags lying east.
Gets as strange equally slowly.

That P.S. looks like it could be the catalyst to solve for the encrypted password. But, what could it be?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by calmsavior02/22/07
C'mon, this teaser took me several days to make, and I get a 1.88 in Fun?

Posted by peanut02/22/07
Don't despair, the more people do the teaser, the more it may go up! :D I think it's a tad complicated though - not so much in the difficult sense as kinda arbitrary. It made my brain hurt :oops:

Posted by vlerma02/22/07
Well I did get the Noble Gases part, but then I didn't know how to get down to the password because of my lack of chemistry. Nice job. Even tho I didn't get it, I did like it. :D

Posted by scallio02/22/07
I consider this cryptography rather than logic and it was very tough! If I could have solved this, then I should have gone to work for the CIA! I don't know the first thing about chemicals or their codes, but even if I had, I still don't think I'd have been solving this one. I did enjoy working on it though. And I can certainly appreciate your effort! :D

Posted by nathalie21802/23/07
You remind me of my friend who's like genius material. I did get the acronym, noble gases. But, that's all! It was hard! :cry:

Posted by ChattyMonkey02/24/07
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I totally gave up. Congrats for thinkin' of that, though, cuz it was an awesome teaser. (even though I didn't solve it, lol :oops: ) but can't say that's saying too much. well awesome work and keep 'em coming! xoxo, Chatty

Posted by syberchic03/01/07
Incredible mix of science/language - tricky!

Posted by shopaholic03/06/07
OMG i dont get it but good job!!!!

Posted by _fire_fly03/17/07
haha that teaser was awesome!! I got the noble gases part, but the rest blew right over my head. and my dad teaches this stuff . . . ahem . . . :o

Posted by jesdexter03/25/07
it was boring true but it was hardi figed out the fist part then i saw pigon to begin with but i did not htink that was it god i am a dunce

Posted by jezza04/09/07
I really liked the teaser - but i didnt know where to look (i thought maybe the AR in 'a reletive' or something). Other than that confusion, a very good teaser!

Posted by Smeraldina04/29/07
Arrgh! Fun and frustrating at once. I agree that this one should be in the cryptography section.

Posted by Hummingbird105/26/07
I'm so proud of myself!!! I got IN NOBLE GASES. :D :D :D There's no way I'd have ever gotten any farther.

Posted by javaguru12/28/08
This should be in cryptography, not logic. :-?

Posted by ultimatecub02/10/15


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