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Bob owns a pet store. He has thirty-five birds for sale. If twenty of those birds are Parrots, what is the probability that any of the remaining birds are Dodos?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by grilledcheese03/08/07
woo first comment. when i read the answer, i laughed. good teaser :D

Posted by altuttle03/08/07
Good one!! :D

Posted by scallio03/08/07
Easy... made me laugh. :lol:

Posted by Madelulabelle03/09/07
Easy peazy lemon sguezy! ...I cant belive I just said that! Anyway, that WAS pretty darn easy, every one knows that dodos are exctinct! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by vlerma03/09/07
A little easy. Better luck next time. More please?

Posted by SPUTNIK203/09/07
Thanks Cowman (MOOOOO) :D

Posted by McBobby121203/10/07
good one

Posted by peeve3003/10/07
hmmm.....pretty simple. good effort but make the next one tougher! :D :P

Posted by snowmonster03/12/07
Very cute - made me smile! :D

Posted by DaCaminator03/14/07
easy but funny :lol:

Posted by Kellington03/14/07
Cool. 8)

Posted by breathesunshine03/16/07
Fun one! :D

Posted by didida03/18/07
Easy and don't let people look at your teaser and say things like that! I want to read the teasers THEY have! :wink:

Posted by Angelli03/22/07
uhmm..easy much? :roll:

Posted by solarsistim32103/27/07
Good one, got in half a second. :D

Posted by jr_whiz04/04/07
That was really good. I liked it alot!

Posted by shopaholic04/09/07
that was a good one but i got it very quickly so easy

Posted by lauren044--04/21/07
That was pretty easy but it was funny, too! :lol: :D

Posted by Yankee4704/25/07
I feel so foolish right now it's not even funny...

Posted by Kagesha05/02/07
Toooooo Easy !!!!

Posted by saxman05/07/07
Good one! I was sitting here thinking, "How can I do oa probability if only one number is known?" It certainly does feel stupid out some days.

Posted by IluvDepp_Bloom05/12/07
hahaha! i knew that because of the movie Ice Age!

Posted by hiei_knight00705/17/07
that was so easy! i love rain teasers.... EVERY ONE KNOWS DODOS ARE EXTINCT!!!!!!

Posted by cista05/28/07
at first sight of probability, i started out... i hate math.. but when i caught the word dodos... i realized..."du-h!!" nice... got it..

Posted by i_lov_jordan0706/04/07
really easy. right when i read it i got confused bcause i just learned that they r extinct!! great teaser :roll:

Posted by mikster67806/06/07
Nice one! I gave it to my mate and he was struggling with it so much, he didn't even hear me saying dodos are extinct! What he said the answer was, was that the rest had to be dodos, cos they live in south america! He gave me such a laugh when he read the answer!

Posted by SandUtil06/08/07

Posted by Matt0605806/10/07
realllllly easy!!!!! :)

Posted by miss_emo_girl07/05/07
When I said the answer to myself, I said the real answer word for word before looking at it!

Posted by happyhak07/09/07
That was easy! I got the answer but not the reason...I thought none but i thought none because it never said there were any dodo birds!!! :lol:

Posted by littlestud07/22/07
very easy.. what person dosent know that dodo's are not real

Posted by lastlyboo09/02/07
lol! love it! :lol:

Posted by Freezinjoe09/26/07
uh Littlestud dodos were real. Just because they are extinct doesn't mean they are made up in someones imagination... :lol:

Posted by Fire_Shell9610/17/07
erm... i agree too easy :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-?

Posted by luckypuppy12/06/07
Easy but cute

Posted by mudbogger02/20/08
FUNNY :lol: LOL :lol:

Posted by aball91103/15/08
well, you tried, but it was too easy...just a little trickier next time? :D

Posted by Cindzey11/05/08
oh come on! Who doesn't know dodos are extinct!

Posted by Shadows11/20/08
I forgot that dodos were extinct... :oops:

Posted by braingle10004/01/09
probably in the top 10 easiest on the site... :lol:

Posted by grilled_cheese305/30/09
i thought it was easy. and grilledcheese i got ur message. i showed it to my boyfriend. lol :D

Posted by kittygirl1907/17/11
Yeah that was totally obvious

Posted by Benjiboo12/12/11
oh...i got it a different way...thought dodos were just shown on the disco ad...and werent real...some people deserve to be the face...with a a building...that is 12 storeys high...onto concrete!

Posted by corsicanwarrah08/03/15
I think the answer should be clarified. It should go "None. Dodo birds are extinct, and even if they still existed, it isn't likely they would be kept as pets. During the time dodos existed, they weren't kept as pets anyway." :-?


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