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You and five of your friends are sitting in the backseat of a car. Two kittens crawl in with you. Then seven crows come to rest on the top of your car. How many heads do you have now?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by McBobby121203/10/07
first comment! that's a good one! really funny :lol:

Posted by Mon0503/10/07
That was fun and I got it :lol:

Posted by Madelulabelle03/10/07
That was super easy. Really really easy. (i got it) :D

Posted by luv2sing10103/10/07
man that was easy... but good job it was fun. :D

Posted by smilepls03/11/07
Really tricky!

Posted by jannie_delta03/11/07
That was a new twist -- I've seen the one with eye color before, and age, and name (on related themes), but the "how many heads do you have"... That was so FUNNY! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by oneheartbroken03/12/07
:wink: i liked that one...

Posted by mizzez_mah03/14/07
that was easy

Posted by zips500003/14/07
good one

Posted by Kellington03/14/07
Good teaser, easy, but still good.:D I just wonder how myself and five of my friends could fit in a cars backseat. :lol:

Posted by sokrchic03/15/07
You would just be very squished. :lol:

Posted by Angelli03/17/07
lol, it was too easy, but still fun... :D

Posted by vlerma03/17/07
Feed them full of pumpkin pie and then ask how many seeds in the pumpkin. Silly question right? But you make a real quick trick question out of yours. Good job. :D

Posted by didida03/18/07
:lol: I got it and started laughing! My family probably thinks I am a freak now!

Posted by sweetsaregood03/20/07
That was such a nice joke! My brother was wit me and he caught me almost going to think 14 heads when I realized that you only have 1 head!! :D :lol:

Posted by flueckigerc03/22/07
easy, but I almost fell for it. Great teaser :D

Posted by cooltigerr104/01/07
that was waaaayyy to easy.. sorry.. but it was still a good one :)

Posted by jr_whiz04/04/07
Nooo!!! I knew that!!! Okay, :oops: maybe I didn't. I should have read the catogory {{?spelling?}} A good teaser, though!

Posted by kuteirishgurl04/15/07
at 1st i thought it was 14 then i re-read it and changed my answer to 1..........i got 14 cuz in skool and stuff they say they "count heads" lol

Posted by Phoenixtears04/28/07
I've always loved tricks like this one. I give them to my family all the time. :lol: :lol: So now I look for things like that. :P But I almost started counting before shaking my head and saying 'one'. Nice one!

Posted by brainglewashed05/04/07
wow really good one thats going on my favorites :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by IluvDepp_Bloom05/15/07
:lol: :lol:

Posted by Hrsemn406/06/07
Yes but you are also a cattle rancher and have several head of cattle...thereby the number of heads you have would be determined by the number of cows you have, plus your own head. Then again, if you own the car, it has head gaskets, so you must count those. If you have any pins in your house, each of them has a head, you must count those too.

Posted by sokrchic06/10/07
I see your point..but, I mean, you still only have ONE HEAD. You can't randomly grow more heads just because some animals and friends (who are sometimes animals LOL) come and sit in/on your car. Thanks though! :D

Posted by ringpop_rara06/20/07
u got me :lol: :lol:

Posted by measle102506/22/07
tricked me there for a second :D

Posted by happyhak07/04/07
I dont get it! What evidence in the teaser says anything about throwing u off!!! :roll:

Posted by miss_emo_girl07/05/07
It was wwaayy too easy!

Posted by sokrchic07/06/07
Yes, I agree, it is pretty easy. But you'd be surprised how many people you can trick. :P But thanks for the comments guys! :D

Posted by Starriddler10/02/07
OBVIOUS! :roll:

Posted by TRomo999903/23/08
But what if someone chopped your head off? :wink:

Posted by sokrchic03/24/08
Lol then I think you would have a little bit of a problem. :)

Posted by aball91103/24/08
um, what if you were one of a pair of conjoined twins? if you considered your twin a friend, then wouldn't he/she count toward the 5 friends in the car with you? if you're conjoined, there would be two heads on the same body... if you were conjoined at the head, there would be one head, but two people... i'd explain further, but i have a major headache... :-?

Posted by sokrchic03/24/08
Lol let's keep it simple for both of our heads.

Posted by aball91103/24/08
lol, just sayin... good teaser, tho :D

Posted by pn_1604/27/08
nice... i got it.. :D

Posted by Cindzey11/05/08
Actually, I'm a siamese twin so I have 2 heads. :-?

Posted by sokrchic11/14/08
Oh well, sorry..that didn't really occur to me.

Posted by Malika12302/05/09
Easy yet, fun!

Posted by mathisnice02/18/10
I'm to literal, I thought 16. All the animals and humans added up plus one for the driver since all of the humans were in the back seat. :laugh: Good teaser! :D

Posted by Benjiboo12/12/11
how many heads do YOU have now if anyone doesnt get it


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