Braingle Lite

La La La!

Submitted By:mik512
Fun:*** (2.16)
Difficulty:*** (3.04)

Can you figure out what comes next?

L, L, A, A, M, A, P, ?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by mik51203/24/07
WOOOOOOOO my 5th teaser!!!

Posted by SPUTNIK203/25/07
Hi Mik, it was a hard one at that! Keep 'em coming !! :)

Posted by MelkorDCLXVI03/28/07
allegro, andante, etc. too often don't mean actual fixed speeds, but more the felt tempo of the music

Posted by mistymia04/22/15
I thought it was saying llaampp :roll: :lol: :) :D


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