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'The' Question

Submitted By:mankatozx
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Can you think of a sentence that ends with the word 'the'?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by mad-ade04/19/02
it isn't a phrase, it is a question. there is a difference.

Posted by Mogmatt1604/20/02
I got it too quickly

Posted by webbtrump05/13/02
blah blah. too easy again

Posted by bluetwo05/15/02
mad-ade is correct; by the letter of grammatical law, a "phrase" does not comprise a clause. in this case, the question is an independent clause. it would be better worded if you substituted "ind clause" or "sentence" for "phrase"

Posted by Mankatozx06/10/02
Ma bad

Posted by _rab08/23/02
How about "T-H-E spells the word THE"?

Posted by speedyg100012/15/02
how about "what the...?"

Posted by jimbo04/11/03
Not bad for a trick!

Posted by Katelin11/22/03
It was good, but I agree with mad-ade. Oh well, I guess people can just "go with the flow".

Posted by sweetime05/31/05
i guessed the answer, but it was painful to read, since "can you think of a sentence that ends in the word "the"" is not a sentence, but rather a question (as other people have pointed out). i wish people would stop mutilating the english language, it makes my brain hurt... :cry:

Posted by SPUTNIK203/21/06
that was pretty good! thanks :D

Posted by tommy207/13/07
i knew the answer easily, even though i did think that it was actually a question.

Posted by sammyfish09/15/08
Nice answer but... there are an awful lot of possible answers, personally i like t-h-e spells the!! :lol:

Posted by Cindzey11/06/08
That was a question. but heres a sentence: I like the word "the".

Posted by LMNOP1401/25/09
you guys who say the question is wrong are wrong. can you think of a sentence that ends with the word the is an interrogative sentence making it a sentence. all sentences dont have to end with a period or be declaritives. dur du dur! :lol:

Posted by isaihtb11/27/09
No. The ? ends the sentence not the.

Posted by crocodile11/29/09
Another answer/My opinion:What the...?


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