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Trees of Silver, Green, and Gold

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Sarah is going off to college. Her parents decided to get her a gift that she could actually use. They said that they had gotten someone to build for her a very special dwelling for when she went away. Sarah, being very excited about surprises, begged them to tell her what it was. They refused each time, but after two weeks of incessant pleading, they gave her a sheet of paper. It was a riddle. It said:

"Sarah, we've devised these riddles for you. If you figure them out, you will be able to figure out what kind of dwelling we had built for you.

1. I am usually found east of misty mountains
And north of animate trees
I am said to be in a beautiful land
But sadly, it is one you'll never see.

2. One whose name meant Silver Crowned Gift
She forsook me early
Her father left much later
His name meant Silver Tree.

3. If you don't like heights
I'm not the place for you
You would hate me more
If you hate nature too."

Sarah figured out what kind of home her parents built her, and ran upstairs to start planning out her furnishings.

So, what kind of home did her parents build for her?

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