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Roman Mathology

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (2.25)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)

Professor Abacus, the self-proclaimed "Father of Mathology", has discovered a mathematical correlation with some of the figures of Roman mythology. Make the following equation correct by replacing each letter with a numeral (0 through 9). Each letter can represent only one numeral, and each numeral can only be represented by one letter. There are no leading 0's. Find one of the two possible solutions.


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by scallio06/14/07
:cry: This dope couldn't solve it. :lol:

Posted by pudgyfudgy06/19/07
Not to me i thought it was kinda cool

Posted by SecretGladiator06/20/07
Very clever ! could not sove it ! Is there someone to show me how to solve these kind of puzzles ?

Posted by smchawk06/25/07
Her'e about all I've come up with the start. Starting with the last letters of each word: N + S + S = N So S has to equal 5 Because SATURN has 6 letters and VENUS and CERES only have 5, then it follows that V is not greater than 2 from S. So V = 6 or 7 That's a start at least.


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