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Birbal The Wise - XIX

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Many 'Situation Puzzles' are not designed to be answered by themselves. The idea is for one person to know the answer and other people in a group to try and guess it using yes or no questions. The first person to get the answer is the winner.
Emperor Akbar once ruled over India. He was a wise and intelligent ruler; and he had in his court the Nine Gems, his nine advisors, who were each known for a particular skill. One of these Gems was Birbal, known for his wit and wisdom. The story below is one of the examples of his wit. Do you have it in you to find the answer?

One day the Emperor Akbar stumbled on a small rock in the royal gardens and momentarily went off balance. He was in a bad mood that day and the incident only served to make him more angry.

Finding a target for his mood of the day, he ordered the gardener's arrest and execution.

Birbal heard of this and visited the gardener in the cell where he was being held awaiting execution. Birbal had known the gardener for many years and also knew of the gardener's immense respect and sense of loyalty for the king. He decided to help the gardener escape the death sentence and explained his plan to the gardener, who reluctantly agreed to go along.

The next day the gardener was asked what his last wish was before he was hanged, as was custom. The gardener requested an audience with the emperor. This wish was granted, but when the man neared the throne he tried to attack the emperor.

The emperor was shocked and demanded an explanation. The gardener looked at Birbal, who stepped forward and explained why the gardener had attacked the emperor.

The emperor immediately realised how unjust he had been and ordered the release of the gardener. How did Birbal manage this?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by grungy4906/20/07
Nice teaser - that was tough. But what happened to Birbal the Wise - XIX? It goes XVIII and then XX. 8)

Posted by 4demo06/20/07
I love the Birbal teasers even though I never seem to get them! Great job! :D

Posted by LeafFan4life06/20/07
coool :D

Posted by Rukia06/20/07
i love the answer. so very wise and just. :P :P

Posted by mary2460106/22/07
:D Love the Birbal teasers keep them coming. 8)

Posted by flowergirl121906/28/07
:idea: Don't forget to send me a message saying what subject you want me to do on a quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :idea:

Posted by Dishhead507/30/07
I'd love to be as smart as Birbal

Posted by Pathin0908/23/07
GO BIRBAL!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :D :)

Posted by Jimbo11/02/07
Always the unexpected! :D

Posted by zembobo06/04/08
Why is Birbal answering for the gardener? "The emporer was so insulted that the gardner could not answer for himself that he had both Birbal and the gardner be-headed." And then Akbar was assassinated for being a jerk. The end. I like the fact that the stories are always written so that things always work out for matter how silly or wrong. In real life, Birbal would have been executed a long time ago.

Posted by achilles306/18/08
wasn't expecting dat :)

Posted by cluemaster04/14/09
If the ruler doesn't act reasonably/rationally/justly toward the gardener at first, there's no good reason to assume he will when confronted with his injustice through a clearly conjured charade. If I were a totalitarian ruler, I'd have them both done away with. Interesting teaser, nonetheless.

Posted by arkaya09/04/09
Love it! Actually got it!

Posted by perrygf04/21/10
I must admit, I didn't think there would be any satisfactory explanation, but that was fantastic!

Posted by crocodile08/12/10
Sigh... The last of Birbal's adventures... :(

Posted by princess200703/08/11
ok @zembebo and other ppl- Mughal rule in India did tend to be a lil totalitarian and yes, the rulers weren't all that just,fair and stuff. these are meant for ppl to enjoy. So if u dont lyk them, plz dont comment harshly on EVERY one of them. thanks.

Posted by LanceAlot12/03/15
I looked at this immediately following "Birbal The Wise - XVIII." It seems the gold coin may not have been the greatest choice. Birbal may not always be there :P


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