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Submitted By:sora
Fun:*** (2.37)
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Josh had 10 chocolate bars. Frank, Joe, Nancy, Mack, Debbie and Jane each asked for 1 chocolate bar.

How many chocolate bars does Josh have left?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Pojuer07/02/07
Nice one fellow

Posted by Dontrelle07/02/07
:lol: Thats a good first teaser.

Posted by littlestud07/02/07
that was actullay my brother that sent that dang it thatwas easy make a harder one lol :roll:

Posted by Katelin07/02/07
Josh is so mean, keeping all those candy bars to himself! Lol :D

Posted by Madelulabelle07/02/07
Easy, but good one all the same!

Posted by MikeMan121607/02/07
Haha, good one. :)

Posted by cooltigerr107/03/07
hahaha i liked it :D

Posted by Pojuer07/03/07
ka - pinoy!!!

Posted by sora07/03/07
thanks guys, its my first teaser that's why its easy, wait for my next teaser, Birbal the Wise XXI :D :D :D

Posted by happyhak07/03/07
Easy! But still a good one! lol, i got it in one guess

Posted by markXmyXwords07/03/07
i knew the answer cause i would have never given my chocolate away either 8)

Posted by grilledcheese07/03/07
josh is selfish. :P

Posted by tintiniscool07/03/07
Let us hope that Josh doesn't get sick with all of that chocolate. He should have shared. :) :P :)

Posted by Spice_207/05/07
I was thinking 9. Like they asked for 1 altogether, rather than a piece.

Posted by sora07/05/07
sori... dont expect birbal the wise XXI.. its rejected coz theres alredy one on the site :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by Fhempen07/05/07
HAHAHAH!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!! GREAT JOB! 8) 8) 8) :D :D :wink:

Posted by HarryPutter07/05/07
fhempen loved it! good job!

Posted by littlestud07/06/07
he got that from this guy i should know he's my bro :roll:

Posted by Hummingbird107/12/07
good one!

Posted by FIREPALVAL07/23/07
The REAL answer should be ZERO! Because the riddle said, he "HAD" 10 chocolate bars. Which means they're gone. (:

Posted by fairydust07/27/07
me like tastey good!! YUMMERS

Posted by ava19934507/29/07
this josh sounds like a smart guy. :lol:

Posted by sora07/31/07
lol. I just remebered that the names Joe, Frank, and Nancy are the famous book characters. Frank and Joe hardy Nancy Drew

Posted by javlad2708/05/07
Josh is really mean. :lol: :D

Posted by luckylefty09/08/07
Classic, I've heard it amny times before. That Josh sure is a fatty!

Posted by flowerz201009/16/07
Ha ha :lol: That is a good one

Posted by Starriddler10/18/07
Josh is the fat kid you see in every camp movie. :lol: :lol:

Posted by al11110/27/07
Sora thanks soo much for the brain teaser it was really interesting i got it right too! please keep the trick ones coming THANKS :D

Posted by jzthebomb10/30/07
LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Smart_Alex11/21/07
Bit too easy.

Posted by steeler8401/16/08
Josh is very mean. E-Z teaser but still good! :D

Posted by AnimeAngel03/13/08
Lol I agree! Greedy Josh.... :lol:

Posted by Lita_Lightheart03/21/08
Josh did something I would think of doing :D Nice teaser

Posted by isayoi06/06/08
lol, he didnt give me any (cause im called Nancy) MEANIE!!! and i love chocolate!!!hes greedy, i hope he gets fat, and then he has to give me all his chocolate!!!!! i though the answer would be 9 cause they asked for 1 all together or somthing like that.

Posted by Calehay10/30/08
Good teaser, though a smidge easy.

Posted by AlexRi3er11/09/08
The answer looks like 10 Factorial.

Posted by EvilMonkeySpy311/10/08
I thought the answer would be anywhere from 4 to 10, because he could've only given chocolate to... let's say... Jane. That wouldn't be very nice, though! :lol: :roll: :-? :evil:

Posted by Elios12/09/08
Haha! :lol: Nice one! Give Josh the benefit of the doubt: Frank, Joe, Nancy, Mack, Debbie, and Jane may have called him on the phone to ask for the chocolate - maybe he'll give it to them later. :wink:

Posted by Malika12301/17/09
Too easy.

Posted by gothpunk05/08/09

Posted by crocodile11/23/09
That greedy grubber! I totally agree with Starriddler!

Posted by Benjiboo11/21/11

Posted by Benjiboo11/21/11
MEAN MEAN MEAN I WANTED THAT CHOCLATE BAR BAD JOSH :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


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