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Soccer Strain

Submitted By:MikeMan1216
Fun:** (2.02)
Difficulty:* (0.64)

Mike, Chris, and Kyle all play soccer (football). They all play for different teams: the Shooters, the Kickers, and the Scorers. Each team wears a different colored jersey: green, yellow, and blue. Decide the team each person plays for and their uniform color.

1. Mike doesn't play for the Shooters.

2. The player who plays for the Shooters wears the green jersey.

3. Chris plays for the Scorers.

4. The blue jersey belongs to the Scorers.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by MorbidLies07/31/07
Nice teaser, it was very simple. :D

Posted by i_lov_jordan0707/31/07
I knew that ALL those 3 years in GT would pay off for something! :lol:

Posted by Brock07/31/07
nice 1 :D

Posted by UgotTeasers12008/07/07
good job :D

Posted by brainglewashed08/12/07
I did it in my head way to easy... :cry:

Posted by scallio08/13/07
A bit too easy but I enjoy Logic-Grid teasers! :D

Posted by nascarfan1908/20/07
Easy, but fun. :)

Posted by batatis08/28/07
wat kind of lame team would name themselves shooters, kickers, or scorers?!?! anyways nise logic grid :)

Posted by june1206/06/08
totally awesome dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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