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One Tough Cookie

Submitted By:Hrsemn4
Fun:*** (2.52)
Difficulty:*** (3.09)

Hello there!

I am a living animal.
You may not see me with your eyes,
But though I'm very, very small,
I'm a tough nut for my size.

I do not fear the arid desert,
Nor the frigid cold and snow.
I can rest comfortably in the mountains high
Or in the ocean far below.

You may find me in the cold of space
Or by a pristine, little lake.
I may have gone thirsty for 100 years,
So give me a drink, for goodness sake!

If you find me, please say "hello,"
And a new friend you can make,
For you'll find I'm not as nasty
As my more ferocious namesake.

It's been a pleasure meeting you
And telling you about me.
Now that you have all the clues,
Please tell me, what can I be?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by calmsavior08/13/07
Space huh? Despite being able to survive low or high pressure, I doubt you can actually "find" one up in space, as the teaser suggests.

Posted by Mon0508/13/07
very hard but very informative teaser :D :D

Posted by JCZ0708/13/07
Infromative, but hard. But it's still a nice teaser.

Posted by Madelulabelle08/13/07
Okay, I seriously doubt that anyone actually got this one right, but it was a well written riddle.

Posted by Hrsemn408/13/07
Thank you to everyone so far who has complimented my teaser. I know it's difficult, I like to learn new things everyday, so I make my teasers to reflect that fact. I hope you can still enjoy it even though it's hard!! I don't think it would be any fun if I knew all the answers all the time, would it? Thanks again all, you guys make Braingle a lot of fun!! :D

Posted by nikitafullmoon08/13/07
I just learned about tardigrades the other day at our local museum! How weird is that?

Posted by nikitafullmoon08/13/07
I just learned about tardigrades the other day at our local museum! How weird is that?

Posted by tuckpaw08/13/07
according to one science show they can survive the vacuum of space and have been taken there for testing in the shuttle i watch too many science shows

Posted by deepsea08/14/07
got it easily, mostly because i did a science project on'em Nicely written

Posted by luckypuppy08/15/07
Interesting, but impossible to guess unless you have heard about the little guys before

Posted by CatatKHOP08/15/07
I thought it was a tick or a yellow banana slug :lol:

Posted by Sweetooth4908/15/07
Wow. I was reading the answer, and I had no idea what it was. Well written, but impossible. And what does that have to do with a cookie?

Posted by King_of_Smart08/17/07
This one was really easy, but really fun! :D

Posted by saltydavid08/17/07
I had no idea.

Posted by fairydust08/17/07
what's a 'water bear', anyway?

Posted by raejg08/23/07
whoa..way over my head :(

Posted by _fire_fly09/08/07
yay i got it right!!! i remembered seeing it on The Most Extreme and got it pretty quickly. great teaser though, very well thought out!!! :D

Posted by bookworm9110/28/07
Nice! I've heard of waterbears, but I didn't get it. Great teaser! :)

Posted by ThinksForFun10/05/12
Very good riddle and poem! I can see the effort you put into it!


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