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Drift With The Current

Submitted By:grilledcheese
Fun:**** (3.19)
Difficulty:** (2.01)

I drift forever with the current
Down these long canals they've made
Tame, yet wild, I run elusive
Multitasking to your aid.
Before I came, the world was darker
Colder, sometimes, rougher, true
But though I might make living easy,
I'm good at killing people too.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by zigthepig08/25/07
Yay, I got it. Good teaserness Cam.

Posted by CatatKHOP08/25/07
This one I didnt get but it was still fun :D

Posted by leftclick08/25/07
Easy but fun :)

Posted by jimbooth01908/26/07
I didn't get it but I thought it was a good riddle.

Posted by Rewbie08/26/07
8) I kinda went there... Sweet riddle! :)

Posted by luckypuppy08/27/07
Good one!

Posted by ava19934508/27/07
ha ha i got it! :D

Posted by swirlingmist08/28/07
I like this one, nice job! :)

Posted by auntiesis09/26/07
Not too hard, for my sleep deprived brain. 8) :lol:

Posted by phyllisa09/26/07
I thought of television!! Liked it

Posted by scallio09/26/07
Never would have gotten this one! :wink:

Posted by moriarty9409/26/07
:) Very nice one. Got it after a few moments thinking.

Posted by bradon18200109/26/07
It could have been a lot of things, but electricity is the perfect answer. Imagine life without it? :o

Posted by putumup09/26/07
:D very nice riddle first thout was elecktricity... :D

Posted by 4princesses09/26/07
Loved it! I got totally thrown off by current and canals. I was thinking something to do with water! :oops: Good one!

Posted by tommysmo09/26/07
Great riddle. Well written for sure. i got stuck on water and never made it to electricity.

Posted by doehead09/26/07
Very well written,But the word current gave it away. 8) :o 8)

Posted by locutus13ds09/26/07
I thought it was the sun, didn'y get it.. good one though.. :roll:

Posted by jennsingergirl09/26/07
Wow! This one is really good! =)

Posted by hradilv09/26/07
Very well written, thanks!

Posted by Teasers4meSir09/26/07
That one was pretty easy. GOOD one, though. :D (I like electricity)

Posted by mondayschild5909/26/07
Very good teaser. I loved it. Electricity it is for sure. Thanks for posting. Monday~

Posted by 2ndhandrose09/26/07
Excellent Teaser :D You stumped me, I couldn't get past thinking about water. When I saw the answer I was surprised :lol: Really Good !!! :D

Posted by RustyBucket09/26/07
For some reason I thought "fire." Electricity is totally right though. :roll:

Posted by Madelulabelle09/26/07
Great teaser! I loved it, (and got it right!) I was thinking water at first, but I knew that wouldn't work-I got electricity as soon as I reread the line about colder and rougher...really awesome teaser!

Posted by UptheHill09/26/07
Can't blame the coffee this time, that one was excellent!!

Posted by roxy509/26/07
it was a little difficult, but I got it. :D :lol:

Posted by oddrey09/26/07
very well written :D

Posted by suganue09/26/07
I got it, I got it, I got it I liked it, I liked it, I liked it :lol:

Posted by AuthenticallyMe09/26/07
I got thrown off by "current" and "canals". I only got as far as water and knew I was going to be wrong...but I couldn't think of anything else to guess... Great teaser! I had fun reading the answer and seeing how it fit in with the riddle. I just have ONE teensy-weensy question...How does electricity run through canals? Do you mean that it powers the ones with locks? Or are you referring to dams? I don't really get this one part...

Posted by jabdr09/26/07
Loved the teaser but couldn't get past drift-wood or tree stumps :-? Kept thinking it was dangerous for boats or swimmers...necessary for fire...which led to light.... but yours is a much better answer 8) :)

Posted by crystal204037909/26/07
Nice teaser. Like a bunch of other people I thought something to do with water! :oops: :D

Posted by emu77alu0209/26/07
I really liked this one! :D

Posted by CheriePenguin09/26/07
good one!

Posted by wandering_goat09/26/07
Very elegant.

Posted by zjw_9109/27/07
I like the way you worded your teaser. :D

Posted by GrandmaB09/27/07
How about "blood in our arteries and veins"? . This works up until "it can kill too". nicely done! :wink:

Posted by princesspt09/27/07
i thought of blood.. but electricity works too! :D

Posted by vlerma09/29/07
:D Excellent job, Cam. I was trying to make highways out of the canals, etc. You got me. More please. :lol: PS: Congrats on TOTD

Posted by mathmaniac10/29/07
nice one! i went from water to fire...and was prolly gonna end up right at electricity..but 1:30 am is a little late...or early...for me :laugh:

Posted by MzPink8512/11/07
great teaser! didn't get the right answer, but still fun! :lol:

Posted by NooDLESrAMAZiNG07/12/08
I failed =| but hi Cam [= *waves*

Posted by wordmama09/26/10
Please explain how electricity drifts down long canals. The rest was excellent. I'll be looking for an answer. Thank you. :-?

Posted by JQPublic09/26/10
I love this although I didn't get it. I was like staring at the thing with my mouth wide open the moment I saw the answer. Well done! :D

Posted by phyllisa10/06/10
Great riddle!

Posted by Babe09/26/13
I am back! I wonder if anyone missed me. Good teaser. Took a couple of reads to get it. Fun! :D

Posted by jaycr09/26/13
WB Babe. I did not solve this riddle :-?

Posted by elentir09/26/13
Upon quickly glancing through the comments, I saw several questions about how electricity and canals equate but no explanation. If I missed an explanation, sorry. Here is mine. Canals are essentially the wires that guide electricity along a circuit to make it useful. Electricity doesn't have to flow along the wires (hence lightning or shocks) but wires allow us to direct the flow of electricity much like canals let us direct the flow of water.

Posted by Maggiethe8th09/26/13
Elentir-thanks for the explanation-I liked the riddle, although also got stuck on my own wrong answer... :oops: Good mind stretching, though! :D

Posted by cutebug09/26/13
Title gave it away. :D :D

Posted by raisin9909/27/16
well written yet simple


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