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Words Within a Word #2

Submitted By:jazzmusician46
Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:*** (3.07)

In this teaser, your task is twofold. You must first complete two (2) 4-letter words, side by side, reading left to right. Secondly, these two words within the brackets must form a 6-letter word when read from right to left.


T[A _ _ _ _ A]T


T[ARO GNA]T 6-letter word: ANGORA

1. V[E _ _ _ _ C]K
2. R[E _ _ _ _ D] E
3. T[R _ _ _ _ F]E

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Ladyluck12902/16/08
Wow, that's pretty hard! I didn't get any of them... :oops: Good brain exercise, though!

Posted by ripple71602/16/08
For 1st one, I had V[EIN RAC]K to get "carnie". I know it's a variant spelling of carny, but still acceptable.

Posted by ariel77702/16/08
:lol: Excellent puzzler...makes u think in both directions at once :lol: 2 alternate answers are trot cafe=decode veto pack=capote

Posted by gaylewolf02/16/08
Ariel, your trot cafe results in "factor" Where does "decode" come into the picture? This puzzle was tricky - but I wish I had given it more time! :wink: Word puzzles are my favorite - I was too impatient today. :oops:

Posted by bramfarm02/16/08
Pretty ticky! What is tret? :oops:

Posted by bradon18200102/16/08
Wow Jazz, another super hard one.Try as hard as I could, I couldn't come up with a single correct answer. All this on a Saturday morning at that. Thanks for the workout. :o

Posted by gghali02/16/08
T[RET SAF]E 6-letter word: FASTER. Great puzzle!

Posted by RunAmok02/16/08
I also had Trot - Cafe - Factor and Veld - Duck - Cuddle Admittedly veld is an alternate spelling for veldt. Good Teaser

Posted by pansy02/16/08
I didn't get it!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

Posted by hradilv02/16/08
Nice teaser! I had FASTER for the last one, but I still don't know what "tret" means.

Posted by siskiu02/16/08
too hard

Posted by katjojo02/16/08
Way too hard!! :D

Posted by 2ndhandrose02/16/08
This was quite a challenge Jazz. I didn't get a single one. Maybe if I'd had more time. :D Excellent directions What is Tret please? :-? Thanks.

Posted by mondayschild5902/16/08
Thanks for the teaser, even if I did not get it at all. I couldn't think. I think my brain is still asleep. It was really fun trying. Monday~ :oops: :oops:

Posted by composer02/16/08
Tret. 3d pers. s 1. 3d pers. sing. pres. of Tread, for treadeth. n. 1. (Com.) An allowance to purchasers, for waste or refuse matter, of four pounds on every 104 pounds of suttle weight, or weight after the tare deducted. Tret (I never heard of before either...)

Posted by composer02/16/08
*Meant to include this link (this "forum" doesn't work the way others do...): ""

Posted by UptheHill02/16/08
Very nice!!

Posted by jabdr02/16/08
Well, I can't blame it on being too early in the day. Dinner and dishes are done. The directions and example were right on :roll: My brain just wasn't :cry: Your teasers are always the best , Jazz. Thanks :) :)

Posted by jazzmusician4602/16/08
Thanks guys. :D Sorry about 'tret'. Thanks composer for the meaning. It's an old word, not used much these days. It has a nice ring to it don't you think? :lol:

Posted by smartymarty02/17/08
I thought it was hard and not fun. Guess I'm just not willing to waste a lot of time on trial and error for something so useless.

Posted by ariel77702/18/08
:cry: Yeah...I don't know TRET is in the dict. (but my spell checker still flags it) I prefer TROT CAFE = FACTOR :D

Posted by dogg6pound902/19/08
i couldnt get #2, and i also got TROT-CAFE=FACTOR for #3, but for #1 i came up with VEIN-TICK=INCITE... also acceptable :D ... once again, another outstanding teaser jazz :D ... keep them coming :D :D :D


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