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Theo The Thespian I

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Theo Cartwright is an amateur actor and playwright. It is his dream to be able to do what he loves professionally. Unfortunately, every time he performs one of his plays, the critics always pick out something that is wrong with it.

Today, he performed a heart-warming monologue to a crowd of hundreds, including a critic from the local newspaper. The show was entitled "Dear Dolphin, I Will Always Miss You", and it was a monologue just for Theo.

He went on stage and started to perform.

"My poor dolphin," he started, "how I miss you. I met you many years ago, during my time at your aquarium. But I knew you were not right for a world like that. I set you free into the ocean, where you could frolic with your dolphin friends. But my heart ached when I saw the drastic news a month later. Your body had washed up on shore. Your cold, lifeless eyes broke my heart through the TV screen. I raced to meet you at the animal morgue. There they told me how you could not survive in ocean life. You died of starvation: you did not get enough food for yourself and, when your stomach was empty, you lived no more. I will miss you."

Later on, he met up with the critic to ask him what he thought.

"I'm sorry," said the critic. "There was one big mistake in your show and I personally could not see past it. I'm going to have to give you a poor review."

What had Theo done wrong?

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