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Words Within a Word #3

Submitted By:jazzmusician46
Fun:*** (2.51)
Difficulty:*** (3.1)

In this teaser your task is twofold. You must first complete two (2) 4-letter words, side by side, reading left to right. Secondly, these two words within the brackets must form a 6-letter word when read from right to left.


T[A _ _ _ _ A]T


T[ARO GNA]T 6-letter word: ANGORA

1. S[L _ _ _ _ P]E
2. S[N_ _ _ _ S]K
3. O[R_ _ _ _ D]E

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by zonarita09/25/07
jazzmusician46 great twist! :D

Posted by jazzmusician4609/25/07
Thank you :D

Posted by cheesepie10/12/07
3rd comment 1st for the time when it's teaser of the day :D cool teaser i liked how you made the letters in the middle words of course i'm no good at language teasers :oops: but still nice teaser :D

Posted by katjojo10/12/07
What is a sampan?? I have never heard of that? :oops:

Posted by bradon18200110/12/07
Another great teaser, Jazz. Really glad you keep coming up with them. :o

Posted by builder10/12/07
Ouch Jazz- Thinking forward and reverse at the same time is a lot to ask in the A.M. Outstanding teaser.

Posted by AuthenticallyMe10/12/07
Oh my gosh, this was HARD! But it was a cool teaser! I read it, and gave up after ten seconds because I knew I'd get nowhere with this teaser... Keep making more thought-provoking teasers like this one! I have just one thing to ask you to do: Please add a hint for teasers like this one!! :D I gave up because I knew the words would be a random selection...All I would like are clues as to what [some of] the words are about. Thanks for the awesome teaser!

Posted by rameherhard10/12/07
:evil: hate those kind of teasers.and there has ben way to many of them :evil:

Posted by 4princesses10/12/07
Ouch! That was wayyyy too hard. I also gave up quite quickly. I can't think about all the different ways to look a word. I guess that's why it's a teaser of the day. :roll:

Posted by feste10/12/07
Sampan: A flatbottom Asian skiff usually propelled by two oars

Posted by vvuong10/12/07
Word/language teasers are difficult for me, too. But I would still like to try... Thank you!!

Posted by WildCardAl10/12/07
A clue or two would have been nice ! :o

Posted by SweetPotato10/12/07
Too hard for me, although I did get the "sampan" one. I agree that clues, either for the 4-letters or the six letters, would have made it more fun. Thanks for this one ... it took some thinking to create it, I'm sure. Is it a sampan or a "junk" that's a Chinese family harbor boat with a sail? Or are they one and the same? :-? :D

Posted by UptheHill10/12/07
I would have never gotten this on my own!!

Posted by jabdr10/12/07
Wow..a tough one :o I got # 3 (by accident or by mistake..not sure which) 8) Hard concept for my brain to grasp..but terrific teaser. This will be one of only a few in my favs. :)

Posted by scallio10/12/07
Too hard! Arghh :o I could not get the last two and haven't even heard of a sampan. You're killing us, Jazzy! Have mercy please. :lol: In all seriousness now, great job coming up with this one. Very creative. :D (But did I mention hard?) :lol:

Posted by rwalker10/12/07
here are some other answers... for 1: s[lad nap]e ==> pandal s[lad rap]e ==> pardal s[lam irp]e ==> primal s[lap rap]e ==> parpal s[lap mop]e ==> pompal s[lap lup]e ==> pulpal s[lat nop]e ==> pontal s[lat sop]e ==> postal s[lit sip]e ==> pistil s[lit nop]e ==> pontil s[lit sop]e ==> postil s[lot sip]e ==> pistol for 2: s[ned dus]k ==> sudden s[nee tas]k ==> sateen s[nit tus]k ==> suttin s[naw rus]k ==> surwan for 3: o[ria hed]e ==> dehair o[ria nud]e ==> dunair o[rad sid]e ==> disdar o[red dad]e ==> dadder o[red nid]e ==> dinder o[red dud]e ==> dudder o[red nud]e ==> dunder o[rae god]e ==> dogear o[reg gad]e ==> dagger o[reg nid]e ==> dinger o[reg god]e ==> dogger o[reg nud]e ==> dunger o[rel aid]e ==> dialer o[rel dud]e ==> dudler o[rel lud]e ==> duller o[ram mad]e ==> dammar o[rem mad]e ==> dammer o[rem mid]e ==> dimmer o[rem rod]e ==> dormer o[ren mad]e ==> damner o[ren red]e ==> derner o[ren eid]e ==> diener o[ren nid]e ==> dinner o[ren wod]e ==> downer o[ren nud]e ==> dunner o[res rod]e ==> dorser o[res wod]e ==> dowser

Posted by mondayschild5910/12/07
I just gave up. :D It was fun trying anyway. Thanks for posting. Monday~ :lol:

Posted by SweetPotato10/13/07
Uh ... Mr. Walker? Uh ... this is an English teaser. :-?

Posted by jazzmusician4610/14/07
hahaha..there's always one! Thanks for the constructive comments! :D

Posted by s_o_s01/02/08
Wow that was really hard! Especially using such an obscure word like sampan. I know we're all here to be challenged, but still...

Posted by jazzmusician4601/03/08
Hmmm, it seems to me some people need to brush up on their basic geography. A Sampan is a common name for a small boat used throughout the East and has been in use for hundred's of years. :-?


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