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Submitted By:Hrsemn4
Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:*** (3.03)

Castor and Pollux Janus own Janus's Curiosity shop. They have the most unique collection of trinkets in the town. What is most curious about these two brothers is that they have been trying for years to sell their business. They are offering to sell the entire store with the entire inventory for only $17.51 US. The catch is that they will only accept payment in cash, and will only accept a certain combination of bills and coins totaling exactly $17.51. All coins and bills must be different from each other, but all coins and bills have one thing in common. Can you buy their shop by figuring out their secret combination of monies?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by owen7409/12/07
Very clever, I guessed the 2 dollar bill and 5 and 10 dollar bill's, but thought it was a half dollar and a penny. :)

Posted by luckylefty09/14/07
Very clever, never would have come up with the answer.

Posted by 4demo10/18/07
Difficult but very interesting and clever! :D

Posted by zonarita10/28/07
Really enjoyed this teaser. It was hard and I only got the bills (10, 5) and a penny. I guess my bank experience helped there. Look forward to reading more of your teasers. :D

Posted by mosca12/07/07
Wow! What a great teaser! I got the Castor and pollux connection but couldn't figure out what it had to do with the money. For the dollar amounts, I figured a 10, a 5, a one, and either a Sacagewa or Susie B Anthony coin. I was really on the wrong track! :roll:

Posted by 974999gec12/08/07

Posted by Hrsemn401/30/08
Umm...Castor and Pollux...names of the TWIN stars of the Gemini constellation. It requires a little thought...I wasn't about to just give the whole thing away was I? And the 2 quarters ARE different, else why would collectors all be so keen to get them all if they are the "same" as you claim. This was approved by the editors...I'd say it stands up very well.

Posted by MusiK12/26/09
woah, what a teaser!


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