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Theo The Thespian III

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Fun:*** (2.52)
Difficulty:*** (2.7)

Theo Cartwright is an amateur actor and playwright. It is his dream to be able to do what he loves professionally. Unfortunately, every time he performs one of his plays, the critics always pick out something that is wrong with it.

After his previous failed attempts to get his name recognised in the acting community, Theo decided to take this next show to the next level with brilliant lights, on-stage explosives, and dramatic monologues.

The show was based on a tale of a man who lost his son during the testing of a new gun.

"I was there. I can still see it now. They counted down:
10..My son was placed next to it...
9..He looked so smart in his lab coat...
8..I still can't believe it...
7..I miss him so much...
6..I can still remember his face when he realized something was going wrong...
5..He turned to raise the alarm...
4..No one else noticed...
3..It was going to happen...
2..And I couldn't stop it...
1..This was the end."

At the end of the monologue, a large explosion went off at the back of the stage in a dramatic ending to the tale.

After the show, Theo met up with the critic to hear his opinion.

"I'm sorry, Theo, but fancy gimmicks do not make a play," the critic replied. "You need to sort out your writing first. You made another mistake in your play that I just couldn't see past."

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