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Submitted By:koma
Fun:**** (3.29)
Difficulty:** (1.9)

A farmer challenges an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician to fence off the largest amount of area using the least amount of fence.

The engineer made his fence in a circle and said it was the most efficient.

The physicist made a long line and said that the length was infinite. Then he said that fencing half of the Earth was the best.

The mathematician laughed at the others and with his design, beat the others. What did he do?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by LeafFan4life09/28/07
:lol: Great, very clever

Posted by jsdodgers09/28/07
Good one! :D :lol: :) :P :wink: 8)

Posted by tennisfreak4eva09/28/07
wow! that's realy cleaver! :D

Posted by princesspt09/28/07
haha i love it! thats awesome! :lol:

Posted by kwelchans09/28/07
Great one. I was a math major in college, so I like that the mathemetician was the most clever in the bunch.

Posted by goreylorey09/28/07
This is actually off a science jokes website. Nonetheless it is still very nice.

Posted by 1smart_okie09/28/07
I don't get it!

Posted by calmsavior09/28/07
If the mathematician is on the outside, then all land on the other side of the fence (which is the entire world) is on the inside.

Posted by ChefPoobie09/29/07
good one

Posted by tintiniscool10/07/07
Hehe! That is a good one! :D :lol:

Posted by IQ_master10/08/07
HAHA! That was most funniest teaser I've ever seen!!!!! :)

Posted by peanut10/08/07
This is actually just a *very* old joke...

Posted by 4demo10/08/07
A little confusing at first but clever once you get it! :D I thought the line was infinite though... :-?

Posted by lynnica10/14/07
:lol: :lol: I love it! Oh, Ilove it!! :lol:

Posted by luckylefty10/15/07
I so got that! It's nice to know I'm smarter than an engineer and a physicist :lol:

Posted by BPKANERVA10/16/07
I love that one, i like math and so i am glad that the mathmetician was the smartest one, and i especially liked when he laughed at the others

Posted by lukeschett10/19/07
Easy but good.

Posted by winbob42310/22/07
Really clever! :D

Posted by jzthebomb10/27/07
I don't get it! :( :oops: :o

Posted by emu77alu0210/29/07
That was great, but it took me a second to get it! If he said he was on the outside, then his fence covered the rest of the world! Clever :D

Posted by jamie-grannie10/29/07
The mathmatician was the only one with a "world view"

Posted by katjojo10/29/07
Funny!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Tryer10/29/07
Vey clever... :lol: I liked this one :lol: :lol: Well done!!

Posted by bradon18200110/29/07
Tricky, tricky. Very good teaser. :o

Posted by builder10/29/07
I hope he put a gate so he could get back in!

Posted by craniac10/29/07
Got it, except in my version, the mathematician had the good sense to put himself on the inside when he built his fence.

Posted by doehead10/29/07
Sorry but this riddle is very old and time worn :(

Posted by auntiesis10/29/07
This riddle may be an old one, but I never heard it. As a math freak, I'm happy to say I got the answer even before I finished reading the teaser. :D :lol: :P

Posted by hradilv10/29/07
Yawn... :cry:

Posted by hancar10/29/07
I hate math - but I got the teaser right away!

Posted by al11110/29/07
Ill give it 8/10 which aint bad at all :P

Posted by avonma10/29/07
I thought that was a hard one, but only because I didn't get it. I liked it, though, because it was so clever! (By the way, it was new to me)

Posted by lastlyboo10/29/07
dont get it

Posted by tonjawithaj10/29/07
Love it!

Posted by jaydeco10/29/07
very clever! :lol:

Posted by Trishgal10/29/07
I did not get it, :cry: but thought it was very clever and it was new to me. :D THX :wink:

Posted by dudebomb9310/29/07
I love MATH!!! 8) this was a cool teaser.

Posted by dstarbird10/29/07
I was close. I thought he put up a single post and said everything outside it was fenced.

Posted by mondayschild5910/29/07
If the line was infinite it still only seperated the world in half. I like this teaser. It was very hard and I didn't get it right, but I still like it. Monday~

Posted by Rerepete10/29/07
Loved it!!!! :)

Posted by cheesepie10/29/07
I knew it had something to do with a small box. I still got it wrong :lol: :oops: . Favorited Very Very Nice

Posted by betaiv10/29/07
hahaha..that was nice 8)

Posted by 2ndhandrose10/29/07
Having the farmer asking the question threw me off. They were fencing the earth, maybe if God asked the question I might have gotten on the right track. Didn't get it. :-?

Posted by drussel310/29/07
That's thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX... Great One

Posted by breathesunshine10/29/07
I wanted to like it but found myself feeling like it was a "groaner" instead of clever. :cry: However the majority seem to really have liked it so maybe I'm just tired and need to go to bed! 8)

Posted by rhnnp10/29/07
that was funny and obvious I liked it 8)

Posted by phyllisa10/30/07
It's beyond me! I still don't get it!

Posted by dogg6pound911/01/07
this is the best teaser i've experienced so far... didn't get the answer rite, but its so obvious (and completely true) once you see the answer... excellent job on this one :D :D :D

Posted by SevenBubbles11/01/07
Dude.... They let jokes go through now?? =O I guess Wocka lost all it's members :bad:

Posted by willymapo11/11/07
Hey, it was a clever one. :) But I knew about it from a scientist joke site, where all jokes were about different sciences/professions. :o

Posted by rt181911/14/07
I loved this teaser! once you get it, you are hitting your head. :oops: Or at least I am. Oh well. fabulous job! :lol:

Posted by Tongue-Twister11/16/07
Hahah, very clever. Well done.

Posted by likeproperty11/26/07
Great job... but I've heard this teaser before. I still like it. Kudos, I'm glad you posted it, for what it counts. (:

Posted by AndrewWalker12/12/07
Good one :D

Posted by bookwrmKP12/14/07
Very clever, I am applauding. Never heard it before.......... I loved it! :D :D :lol: :lol:

Posted by friesaregood12/25/07
That was hysterical and had me laughing for hours! Well, minutes, I kinda move along after a few minutes... Loved it though!

Posted by Chakoteya02/06/08
That is straight out of Douglas Adams' books. Wonko the Sane turned his house inside out, called it the Asylum and declared that the world was in the asylum and he was the only person living outside it in the real world! There's nothing really new, is there?

Posted by aball91103/01/08
pretty good!! :lol:

Posted by Queen_Nesh703/27/08
I liked this :D! since he was on the outside of the fence then the inside of the fence covered the rest of the world and it took up the least amount of fence but covered the most land!!

Posted by trickster200504/25/08
i really enjoyed this one. it was different, which is uncommon.

Posted by lauren044--05/04/08
:D Clever teaser - going into my faves!! :D :lol:

Posted by marie777107/22/08
Very clever! :D

Posted by markmonnin09/08/08
Very funny. I like it. :)

Posted by sammyfish09/15/08
all about thinking "outside the FENCE!!" :lol: :lol: :D :D great teaser

Posted by Keiko10/11/08
This one is my favorite!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

Posted by Elios12/04/08
:lol: Love it! (Didn't get it right, but still love it.) Thanks for submitting!

Posted by Psychic_Master12/11/08
Haha! I didn't think of that! Very clever. Great teaser. *Adds to favourites* :lol: 8)

Posted by Paladin03/16/09
Although I got this one, I had never heard it before. Most of the riddles on this site are either "old ones" or are ones slightly modified from our memory, so it should not be pointed out how "old" some of these are... they are still around because they are classic and many of us have still never heard them.

Posted by ObamaGirl05/03/09
I love it! :D

Posted by mizchey07/14/09
That's so funny.

Posted by mathisnice08/09/09
Good Job!

Posted by coltonr109/13/09
Hmmm... I don't get it... :-?

Posted by Lord_Hawk09/28/09
It is brilliant. Easy but the point made is briliant.

Posted by Lord_Hawk09/28/09
And Rastamon: the framer challenged them to fence off the largest area - using no fencing would result in them not fencing off anywhere.

Posted by woodrock9602/03/10
I was thinking that he used no fencing. But, after seeing the answer, I completly understood why I was wrong. This is Brilliant!

Posted by davidrools10/29/10
I think the physicist and mathematician are switched. Mathematicians always have infinite lines and physicists are always talking about different frames of reference. still, same joke. fun. ok.

Posted by Benjiboo11/19/11
how long did it take for the phystic to build his fence? :-? :lol:

Posted by royale-ninja07/19/12
i was able 2 solve it :D

Posted by annie969808/15/12
I had never heard this, but still found it very easy. Really, the only logical thing to do. However, I am not sure why it was the mathematician who came up with the idea. I guess it could just as easily have been a blonde, brunette, redhead...

Posted by twainsbrain08/06/13
i loooooooove this one! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by jaycr10/30/13
That's a lot of greener grass. ... think about it .... :wink:

Posted by auntiesis10/30/13
Still love this teaser. I totally forgot about it, but the answer came to me just as quick as a wink. :D :D

Posted by Babe10/30/16
I don't get it either, but then I never was any good at math. Not my thing! :(

Posted by Zykezex10/30/16
Got it. Before I looked at the answer, I was taking it further and I thought a little triangular fence could probably be devised that's smaller than a little square fence...however I couldn't simply envision a certain triangle (length) that couldn't be transformed into a square...that is given the triangle is of a size someone could stand inside of. :)

Posted by gaylewolf10/30/16
This was a good one! Thanks!! and Happy Halloween! :lol:

Posted by wisemaj10/31/16
Really liked this teaser, but I think there is a solution that yields a slightly larger area. Much like the physicist simply declaring his fence to extend infinitely, you could simply lay the fence down on the ground, declare it to extend infinitely in every direction and thereby fence off the ENTIRE earth from the sky above it.


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