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Deductions #3

Submitted By:jazzmusician46
Fun:*** (2.95)
Difficulty:*** (2.43)

In this teaser, I have given you a 9-letter word. Your job is to break up this word into 9 separate letters and place them on the dashes to spell a 7-letter word, a 5-letter word, and a 3-letter word. You can use each letter only once.


1. _ A _ I _ N _
2. _ O _ N _
3. _ C _

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by rainbirdbrain01/19/08
Yay! I got it! Nice one!

Posted by doehead01/19/08
A bit on the easy side,but interesting. :) :)

Posted by crazylady201/19/08
It was pretty easy but that's the way I like em sometimes. That way I can figure out the answers. FUN, FUN!!!! :D :D :D

Posted by bramfarm01/19/08
Great teaser!

Posted by bradon18200101/19/08
Thanks, Jazz, for another great mind testing teaser. Worked it all out and had fun doing it. :o

Posted by aebmusica01/19/08
Ex/cell/ent! I love playing with words, puns, pallindromes and spoonerisms. aebmusica

Posted by dstarbird01/19/08
Loved it! Challenging, but not so hard I couldn't work it out.

Posted by auntiesis01/19/08
Easy, but still fun. Thanks for another good one. :D :lol: :)

Posted by UptheHill01/19/08
Two Words, NICE ONE!!

Posted by mondayschild5901/19/08
I found it a little hard, but maybe that's because I'm so sleepy. I loved trying to guess, and did get ice right. :lol: Thanks for posting. Mondady~ :D :D

Posted by dogg6pound901/19/08
very excellent teaser once again jazz... had to think about it for a couple hours, but i eventually got it... send more of these please :D :D :D

Posted by jennrenee2301/19/08
Loved this one, thanks so much, keep it up! :D

Posted by SweetPotato01/19/08
Just right, thank you, It may have been a little easier had I used a pencil and paper. :-? :D

Posted by jazzmusician4601/25/08
Thanks guys. I'm happy you enjoyed it. :D

Posted by HABS293301/19/14
Pretty easy but still enjoyable to do.

Posted by cutebug01/19/14
Easy and enjoyable. :D :D

Posted by eighsse01/19/14
Easy and pretty fun, good work.

Posted by Babe01/19/17
I did not find it as easy as everyone else did, but it was still a good one and fun to make the old brain work. :D

Posted by mrbill5101/19/17
Thank you for this fun and easy teaser; took a few minutes but still got all of the words right.


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