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Li'l Johnny

Submitted By:Hrsemn4
Fun:*** (2.45)
Difficulty:*** (2.3)

There's a cute rhyme that chemists often quote:

"Li'l Johnny was a chemist,
But Johnny ain't no more,
'Cause what he thought was H2O,
Was H2SO4!"

Let's assume Johnny is a little smarter and knows H2SO4 as sulfuric acid. He wants to neutralize it. He calls a chemist friend on his cell phone, but the reception is bad. Johnny is able to make out the words "soda" and "lime". Always the impetuous one, Johnny purchases an amount of Diet Coke with Lime equal to the amount of sulfuric acid he wants to neutralize. Johnny's misadventure ends with a bad chemical burn.

Why didn't the soda and lime work?

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