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Submitted By:Panther91
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Solve this problem. First calculate 100 + 50. Next, divide your answer by five. Finally, add 4 to your number. What would the number be?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by al11110/28/07
It was alright But u didnt u te right vocabulary when u said add 4 to your answer you should ave said now add on 4

Posted by lukeschett10/28/07
It was very good.

Posted by jasmin21510/28/07
:-? i dont get it. what was MY number? it is either 300, 336, or 426.... those werent my numbers...

Posted by bookworm9110/28/07
Hmmm.. will someone explain this, please? :P

Posted by Panther9110/28/07
At first I was going to say "Add a 4," but then the answer might have been too obvious then. And jasmin215, I was asking you to add a 4 anywhere in the number instead of increasing the number by 4. Hope that clears any confusion...

Posted by bookworm9110/28/07
OOOHH I sure am dull!! Haha, yes that makes sense now. Nice one! :oops:

Posted by jasmin21510/29/07
:lol: no, i still dont get it :oops: but okay :wink: very cute

Posted by bookworm9110/29/07
Jasmine, you should have gotten 30 for your answer. Then, you were supposed to add a four, not actually add it to the sum, but just add it on to the number. So it would be 30 + 4 = 304, 340, or 430. Get it? Just put a four on the number. :wink:

Posted by jzthebomb10/29/07
Good teaser! :lol: :lol:

Posted by 1smart_okie10/30/07
I don't get it! :oops: :( :o

Posted by dudebomb9310/31/07
I don't get it either

Posted by shenqiang11/01/07
I think that this teaser need a change. If "add 4" can be understood differently, then so can "100+50" and "divide by five". This teaser will have many more possible answers.

Posted by cheesepie11/14/07
Guys think about it. There used to be a trick at my school. The kids would come up and say, "What's 2+2?" And they'd get you to say 4. And they said the anwser was 22. Don't think of them as numbers, but letters. like num+ber=number 30+4=304 :D

Posted by Tongue-Twister11/16/07
I don't quite get it, to be honest :oops: .

Posted by jjj05511/18/07
:roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by Smart_Alex11/21/07
Ah, I get it. You have to put in a 4 to your sum, NOT ADD as in 30 + 4. Pretty good.

Posted by preppygirl11/22/07
i was thinking it was a trick cuz it was an expression. boy im a moron

Posted by mercedes1311/23/07
this is so ****ing retarded

Posted by aango11/24/07
Well, I had a trick answer. 7.14159... You said add four to yuor number, not the solution, so my number was pi! It makes sense.

Posted by zeepuzzlemaster11/25/07
except pi is 3 .14159 :P :lol: :lol: And it could go either way...

Posted by dachshund2k311/28/07
it should say "add a 4" that would still make it kind of tricky but clear up confusion to the answer

Posted by smartsandsoccer12/16/07
I don't get what was so hard about that..... you just had to add the number 4 to your number which would be 304. :roll:

Posted by MAvanzi12/25/07
The Answer should be 34 but you made it has if you mean put the 4 in the answer :(

Posted by 974999gec12/25/07
ha! i didn't get it, but now i do! lol

Posted by kashby12/26/07
didnt get it

Posted by fishhooky01/02/08
If you interpret 'add 4' as 'position the symbol representing four somewhere amongst the symbols representing the number thirty' then you should really also apply this to dividing 150 by 5, thus, the answer should be 41550, 14550, 15450, 15540 or 15504.

Posted by savannahlz901/31/08
The answer could also be a quarter

Posted by Wa11E09/23/08
Understand your thinking, but not on board with your answer. that is placing a foour adding implies a mathamatical operator. IMOP that is

Posted by Cindzey11/04/08
the answer could ALSO be 34.

Posted by Elios11/12/08
That gets a grimace. :roll: Still, I admit I am well and truly tricked! :lol:

Posted by gottalovetacsc11/30/08
Hmm.. It was ok. I think it should have different wording.

Posted by ObamaGirl01/24/09
What? I'm confuzzled :oops:

Posted by rstuckmaier03/14/09
If 30 + 4 is 304, etc. Then shouldn't 100 + 50 be 10050? Then my number is 20104.

Posted by Lord_Hawk09/28/09
I think that there is a lack of consistency with the vocabulary used in the trick.

Posted by MusiK12/26/09
oh I get it now *smacks head* :lol:

Posted by Gwendalla09/17/11
I thought it was 30, because that WAS MY NUMBER!

Posted by Benjiboo11/19/11
my answer was 114 :o


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