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Submitted By:Emmanovi
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There are three blocks on a table: a 1 kilogram block, a 500 gram block, and a 2 kilogram block.

What is the weight of the heaviest block on the table?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by lastlyboo11/07/07
ok? im not into science much...

Posted by jsdodgers11/07/07
It doesnt say that they are made of the same matrial. This way, the small one could way more than the biggest one if it is made of a heavier material.

Posted by clearisacolour11/07/07
I don't think it's a trick teaser... i think this is miscategorized and should be a science teaser.

Posted by Emmanovi11/07/07
The material shouldn't matter. A kilogram of feathers has exactly the same mass and weight as a kilogram of lead, doesn't it?

Posted by jzthebomb11/07/07
jsdodgers, if 1 kilogram of feather is the same weight is 1 kilogram of metal. They are all 1 kilogram! :lol: :lol:

Posted by bookworm9111/09/07
Jsdodgers has a point: this teaser states that the MASS is a kilogram. Mass is different from weight; it's just how much space an object takes up. Anyway, this would make an excellent science teaser, and it will probably be moved, so I will treat it as such. I didn't get the answer, but I learned something new. Nice job! :D

Posted by bookworm9111/09/07
And congrats on your first teaser, Emmanovi! :D (Sorry for the double post, but I had to say it.)

Posted by breathesunshine11/09/07
Wow, my brain didn't go there at all! Time for bed. Good teaser though.

Posted by jzburdge11/10/07
belongs in science.

Posted by doglc11/10/07
i'm not a science freak! but we did learn about mass and newtons and stuff in school! that one was hard maybe you sould make it easy! :)

Posted by _numpty_11/10/07
Just because it is science based, doesn't make it a science teaser. It is a trick. Nice teaser.

Posted by tricky77puzzle11/10/07
Nice teaser... I got 20 newtons because I learned to round it to 10. But I know it's 9.8 Great job!

Posted by Anomalies11/11/07
Quite clever, but I didn't get it even though I learned this concept (or something similar, anyway) in high school chemistry class a few weeks ago. :-?

Posted by cheesepie11/14/07
I got to the point where I realized it was newtons or pounds. I just didn't feel like doing the math. :D

Posted by davdavid11/19/07
Okay learning about Newtons right now yet still didn't know that

Posted by lukeschett11/25/07
I thought that there was no way to tell because the masses were given instead of weights.

Posted by buddyboy01/05/08
still belongs in science, good though, i guess :-? :D

Posted by born2party01/08/08
this one was lame...

Posted by JessicaG01/09/08
definitely a science trivia question. otherwise a good one

Posted by xoshortie52201/29/08
i think you should have put that in science category

Posted by The-Pony02/22/08
easy squeezy lemon peezey, really should have been in science teasers though :D

Posted by AnimeAngel03/13/08
???? :-?

Posted by soccercow1003/23/08
More Science than trick...

Posted by thisisme9104/03/08
When I read the word Newtons, I was like oh maaaan. I understand his point and I agree, this is better off with Science.

Posted by 1117141305/05/08
although its kinda nit picking, you should mention that you are on earth, if your in space then all of them would technically weigh nothing.

Posted by shadowy107/20/08
Forgot the equation to newtons, but realised what it was asking. This is definantly sciencey.

Posted by Wa11E09/23/08
How much do you weigh? answer in newtons - I think not sir What does a butcher weigh?

Posted by chittermouse310/05/08
That shouldn't be in the trick category. It isn't obvious and requires previous knowledge.

Posted by Cindzey11/05/08
i didnt come here for a science lesson :l

Posted by Elios11/12/08
What...? :o Consider me well teased! I'm bad at math & science. :(

Posted by princess200703/09/11
This was soooo easy. Man,I need a difficult science teaser now.


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