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Christmas Gifts

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The Smith family was getting very excited for Christmas Eve. Because they have some "package shakers" in their family (people who like trying to figure out what they are getting by shaking their gift), the family has decided to hold off on adding gift tags until the giving begins. Unfortunately, they have forgotten what package goes to which family member! There are only 5 packages under their tree, and each person will receive one gift. They are each wrapped in different paper as well as different color ribbon. Help the Smiths sort out their gifts!!!

One of the men gave a gift to their sister and the other gave one to their son. Neither of them used the Snowflake or Bell wrapping paper because they are too "girly."

No gift was wrapped in paper and ribbon of the same color. Else loved the gift she received, which was wrapped in her favorite wrapping paper, the white snowmen, and a ribbon that was not silver or gold.

The girl who received the package with green ribbon did not receive the bracelet or book. The package with red ribbon was not for the man who gave a bowling ball or bicycle.

The five family members were the one who gave to mother, the one who gave a bowling ball, the one who used silver ribbon, the one who used the blue snowflake wrapping paper, and Lauren.

Else didn't give a gift to her mother because she lives 3 states away. She also didn't give a gift to her husband, Russ, because they had just recently celebrated their anniversary.

Ned didn't want a bicycle, so he received something else. Neither daughter received a gift with a green ribbon.

Santa lost his shape when one family member tried to wrap a gift that was spherical. The book was wrapped in paper that did not have snow on it.

Gift givers: Cindy, Ned, Russ, Lauren, Else
Gift recipients: Mom, Dad, Son, Daugher, Sister
Wrapping Paper: Blue Snowflakes, Red Santas, Green Trees, White Snowmen, Gold Bells
Ribbon Color: Blue, Red, Green, Silver, Gold
Gift: Bicycle, Book, Building Blocks, Bracelet, Bowling Ball

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