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Submitted By:1smart_okie
Fun:*** (2.14)
Difficulty:* (0.57)

I was getting my bath ready. I had forgotten to get my rubber duck! I put it in the tub, and the duck hit the bottom of the bathtub! Why did my duck hit the bottom?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by al11101/30/08
easy but clever :D

Posted by unklemyke01/30/08
I get it! It was a rubber DUUHHH -k Cute - easy, but cute. :roll: :lol:

Posted by Jake1001/30/08
this is the easyiest teaser ive ever seen, it should be for 2nd graders! :roll:

Posted by harrypotter444401/30/08
awesome!It's a good idea to make it a real life story but adding in the teaser. :D

Posted by mkmuffin01/31/08

Posted by lizzard02/02/08
lol u cood of had two answers. Since you were getting your bath "ready" you could have forgot to flip the drain. (If you get my meaning) :) but i still got it Very Easy though try for some harder ones if you want more feedback

Posted by AltrnativGrlx1402/02/08
i thought it was cute :)

Posted by jazzmusician4602/03/08
Oh my! :roll:

Posted by happyhak02/03/08
Easy! I knew it before i clicked the show answer button!

Posted by The_Big_Cheese02/03/08
Easy, but fun =]

Posted by luckylefty02/03/08
Way to easy

Posted by Swirvia02/04/08
these trick ones r the easiest. seriously, the 2 ive tried so far have LITERALLY taken me 2 seconds.

Posted by zeepuzzlemaster02/06/08
I think this is almost the same as the one with a pumice rock, unless that is somewhere else, and then, excuse me... But it was VERY easy... :lol:

Posted by Starriddler02/08/08
It's good,but easy.

Posted by cheesepie02/25/08
The duck could have had a weight in it so it would have sank even with the water. :D

Posted by JZumun04/01/08
Nice. Very easy, but nice.

Posted by pn_1605/17/08
CUte!! DUCKY!!! :D :D got it.. easy one but cute... Go Ducky!!! :D Poor ducky hit the bottom of the tub :( :D

Posted by marie777107/21/08

Posted by puppygurl11/02/08
title is weird?? but i got that one! yay!

Posted by MusiK12/24/09
yeah rubber ducks ftw 8)

Posted by sashomarine01/15/10
Creative, this is what I say- Good 8) ---------------0==== :evil: Good wins! (Just wanted to do that, lol)

Posted by mathisnice01/18/10
I thought it had a hole in it. :lol:


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