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Case of the Missing O's

Submitted By:Scubee
Fun:**** (3.19)
Difficulty:** (1.65)

The letter "o" has been removed from the following words. Can you guess them all?

1) utdr
2) bnxius
3) drus
4) nlker
5) nmatpeia
6) ppsitin
7) rthdx
8) cckat
9) prtbell
10) vd

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by grilledcheese03/25/08
i got most of them! wooo :D

Posted by RGW403/25/08
totally got me on voodoo. I was only putting 1 or 2 in...good job!

Posted by aranara8903/25/08
Got all except onomatopoeia. grrrr :x

Posted by suprfrek9603/25/08
I suck, 3, 9, and 10 got me. The rest were easy.

Posted by tommysmo03/27/08
10! EZ but well done!

Posted by hipeople03/27/08
that ws awesome

Posted by sistersarah03/28/08
great teaser! i actually got most of them!!!!

Posted by Jessrox9703/31/08
nice teser! I actually got some right! :)

Posted by Jessrox9703/31/08

Posted by thisisme9104/02/08
Nice one :D i got all but three...i thought D was the first letter LOL.

Posted by abrain10/03/08
great o words. :D

Posted by builder10/05/08
I agree with abrain, but too easy

Posted by FredS10/05/08
Good job, I don't have the patience to think up all those words. :roll: :D

Posted by dancer14110/05/08
Nice job - I got most of them

Posted by vlerma10/05/08
Nice job, Scubee. I got all of them but one, and it was a almst impssible ne. :lol:

Posted by monkey28910/05/08
couldn't get the last three... no idea what portobello is anyway! but great job! :D

Posted by malogalee10/05/08
that was a good one!! cant believe i got all of them!!! woo hoo

Posted by elwxxxswimchick10/05/08
hehe didn't get one of them...

Posted by jcann10/05/08
What an interesting and unique teaser! I got most of them after reading the hint--that helped a lot. But I didn't get #10 because I thought there had to be less than three, although the hint didn't say that. Thanks--it was fun! :)

Posted by Nicky10110/05/08
That was so fun! Sounding it out definitely helped me, even though I ended up sounding like an idiot... :lol: .

Posted by phyllisa10/05/08
Very well written, but I got stuck on 8 & 10!!!!

Posted by phyllisa10/05/08
Very well written, but I got stuck on 8 & 10!!!!

Posted by FatHead10/05/08
I missed #9, but at least I tried! :lol: And I got the others right! (Yea me.) :lol: Good teaser. 8)

Posted by avonma10/05/08
I misspelled onomatopoeia wrong (again), but at least I got 'em all. :oops: :D :D

Posted by avonma10/05/08
That was fun! Thanks! :D

Posted by GreenApples2710/05/08
got them all except portobello? Never heard of it. Can someone explain what that is? voodoo was the easiest and I didn't get onlooker until a long time

Posted by kp5210/05/08
It was to easy for me. But it was fun. Great teaser. :)

Posted by jmichalek012110/05/08
number three got me stuck for a minute. pretty stellar quiz.

Posted by jcann10/05/08
Portabello is a delicious mushroom.

Posted by jcann10/05/08
Sorry, spelled it wrong.

Posted by auntiesis10/06/08
Loved this teaser. Onlooker was the only one 1 missed, the rest were fairly easy. Very clever. Thanks :lol: :D :lol: :D

Posted by Barticus10/06/08
I got nine of them immediately; number 10 took some head scratching. 8) 5, 8, 9, and 10 are all potentially hard. 8 :o :-?

Posted by zaya10/09/08
that was fun :D :D though seplling #5 right is a nightmare

Posted by Javian10/18/08
'Odorous' totally fooled me. Nice teaser. :)

Posted by gymboy0911/08/08
Nice Teaser :D

Posted by mathgrant11/29/08
I got all ten. 3 was probably the hardest, but overall, I found it relatively easy, but fun. :)

Posted by Babe10/06/11
Very easy, but I like easy, and liked this one especially. Got them all.

Posted by HABS293310/06/11
LOVED it, as stated above, fairly easy. Got most of them just looking at them, a couple took a bit of thought, but for some reason orthodox stumped me, could not for the life of me come up with it. Was obvious once I saw the answer.

Posted by quads8410/06/11
I feel like this one was a bit more original than most of the teasers I see. Fun, but easy. I finished all 10 in less than a minute!

Posted by gaylewolf10/06/11
Great teaser! I ttally lved this ne. (o's missing!) :roll: :lol: Thanks for a good teaser. Happy Thursday, friends! :wink: :wink:

Posted by doehead10/06/11
#5 evaded me, but the rest were pretty easy. :roll: :roll: G&S :wink:

Posted by wordmama10/06/11
Before the hint, I couldn't get any b/c I was trying to put in only one 'o', since there was no plural in the directions! After the hint I got eight of them easily; I missed onlooker and cockatoo! Fun!

Posted by davidrools10/06/11
got 'em all pretty quick, but very fun :)

Posted by auntiesis10/07/11
Good one but a tad easy. :D

Posted by Babe10/06/14
I work a lot of scrambled word puzzles so these were super easy for me and I got them quickly, and all of them. :D :D

Posted by Maggiethe8th10/06/14
Missed one :oops: Fun trying, though- :wink:

Posted by jaycr10/06/14
I got more than I missed. Not a bad start to a Monday. :D

Posted by catmom10/06/14
10/10 :D

Posted by Zykezex10/06/14
I got the letter 'i' stuck in my brain for "nlker" so without the 'L' I got them all except that one. Fun! :)

Posted by gaylewolf10/07/17
I LOVED this teaser and found it fairly easy until I got to the last one. It SHOULD have been easy, but I couldn't get away from the word "void" which of course I knew was wrong. Thanks for a good one! :)

Posted by dbakashojou10/09/17
Cockatoo!!! That was the only one I missed and I was so surprised when I saw the answer! Excellent teaser - I had a lot of fun working my way through this one. 8) 8) :D :D :D

Posted by Coolnana10/11/17
This was a fun teaser. I found it pretty easy because I like to do word games. The only one that gave me a little trouble was #5, as I wasn't familiar with the correct spelling. :)


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