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Favorite Televison Show?

Submitted By:pinkhakix3
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Three girls are finding out each other's favorite TV show. Can you find out whose favorite TV show is whose and their ages based on the facts below?

Names: Emma, Madison, and Brooke
Ages: 9, 10, and 11
TV shows: Hannah Montana, iCarly, and Full House

1. Emma's favorite character is Stephanie and she is 11 .

2. Madison is not 9 years old.

3. The person whose favorite show is Full House is not 10.

4. The person whose favorite show is Hannah Montana is Madison.

5. The girl whose favorite show is iCarly is not Emma.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by lilliandulcia03/31/08
Clue number 3 is not needed, considering clue 1 states that Emma is 11 and she likes Full house. Clue number 5 is not needed for the same reason (Unless there is a character called Stephanie in iCarly which I don't think there is, but I've only seen it a few times).

Posted by nerdyiscool03/31/08
I thought it was a bit simple, and some of the questions were awkwardly worded, but otherwise it was good.

Posted by pinkhakix304/01/08
Yes but some people might not know that stephanie is a character on Full House

Posted by sistersarah04/01/08
i love teasers like this! they're fun!

Posted by ethan89704/01/08

Posted by lilliandulcia04/04/08
You could always put in a hint that Stephanie is a person in Full House. I'd think most people would know though, or at least know she's not in the other shows.

Posted by zimdelinvasor04/12/08
Some of the clues weren't needed, and some people may not known that Stephanie was on Full House, even though most people probably would. Still good, though.

Posted by rexlamos05/06/08
great job fun and semi easy :D :D

Posted by june1206/07/08
8) cool

Posted by locomom07/08/08
Excuse me.........some of us are adults and have never seen any of these shows! I did watch full house when it first came out on TV but that has been eons ago and I have no idea who Stephanie was. When you write these logic grid problems, you need to write them for the GENERAL public. So, the clues must be something that we have all heard of. All means those who live in many countries around the world and those of all ages and interests. Thnaks for writing this one and try again real soon. :D

Posted by MegRen04/14/09
Well, because I remembered that Stephanie was a character on Full House, I didn't even need the last clue, and one of the other clues (can't remember which number) is unneeded. If I didn't know what show Stephanie was on, I might have needed all the clues.


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