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A Couple Of Couples

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Three friends went out with their dates. They were all very nervous! The girls decided to keep in touch with each other during their dates. They all kept in touch in different ways. Can you figure out who their dates were and how they kept in touch?

Girls: Mary Ann, Isabella, and Lorraine

Boys: Ryan, Sean, and Jeremy

Ways to keep in touch: Texting, calling, and AIM (on a cell phone). Everyone can receive texts, calling, or instant message but may not be able to send them out.

1. Ryan was on a date with a girl without an 'E' in her name.

2. Isabella's parents took away her texting after a large bill the week before.

3. Lorraine used AIM.

4. Mary Ann's date got annoyed when her phone kept ringing. She didn't use calling.

5. Sean's date used AIM.

6. Jeremy's date used calling.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by lilliandulcia04/04/08
4 and 6 were not needed. Otherwise, it was a good easy logic grid :)

Posted by gracieboo04/07/08
You have more facts than you need. The teaser doesn't help either if you don't watch Disney.

Posted by SmileyGrl05/23/08
that was fun, but to easy i agree there is to much information that you don't need to think good job though :)

Posted by june1208/07/08
fun quick and easy :lol:

Posted by vampgurl01/11/09
the last 3 clues were completely useless. But otherwise not too bad.

Posted by pierlejna07/20/09
not bad.

Posted by Terrible10/27/12
That was pretty easy. I think with hint three we got the mode of communications and with 6 the gig was up. Good job though!


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