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Magician Party

Submitted By:pandastampede
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Difficulty:* (0.68)

There are three magicians throwing a party. They each bring three things. They are Frog Leg Surprise, Super Duper Party Scoopers, and Merlin's Masterpiece. The magician's first names are Merlin, Dontanella, and Malfonzo. The last names are Orlando, Froggy, and Sidney.

-Dontanella's last name is the name of an American City in Florida.
-Merlin DID NOT bring the Merlin's Masterpiece.
-Mister Froggy brought the Merlin's Masterpiece.
-Merlin's food doesn't have three rhyming words in it.
-Merlin's last name sounds like a city in Australia.
-Malfonzo brought Merlin's Masterpiece.

Who brought what and what is their last name?

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