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Merlin's Pet

Submitted By:pandastampede
Fun:** (1.86)
Difficulty:* (0.57)

Merlin was walking to the pet store of Camelot thinking of the type of pet he wanted. He knew that the store carried griffins, trolls, and goblins. Later down the road he was thinking that, if he got a certain type of animal, they would need different qualities of food. The qualities were good, better, and best. Then he decides that the animals would need a certain size house for them to live in. The sizes are small, medium, and large. If Merlin draws a chart, which animal would get what food and what house?
- The troll needs the biggest house, but not the best quality food.
- The griffin needs the best quality food, but is too big for the smallest house.
- The goblin needs the medium quality food. It also doesn't need a large house

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by dogzrok04/11/08
This was quite easy. Maybe try doing some harder ones.

Posted by EvilMonkeySpy304/11/08
agreed, pretty easy, but nice teaser

Posted by Bayareacwgrl04/19/08
Very easy, but fun.

Posted by willieslim04/23/08
This was an easy one, but I liked how it was written... very clever. :D

Posted by june1206/04/08
easy but fun i enjoyed it :)

Posted by friesaregood07/14/08
Fun, easy, I enjoyed the little storyline.

Posted by Zarahemla0503/09/09
Good Teaser. I liked that it had a plot. :laugh:

Posted by Merrihootai10/30/09
I agree. Great plot. :wink:

Posted by crocodile11/23/09
Which did he choose? The griffin, I hope.


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