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Mysterious Groceries

Submitted By:lizzard
Fun:*** (2.14)
Difficulty:*** (3.09)

"A punk who was caught holding up a filling station yesterday has confessed to several unsolved crimes," Inspector Winters said to Dr. Haledjian. "He named Red Kirk as his partner in a supermarket holdup a few years back. This morning, I picked up a search warrant and visited Kirk's last known address, a boarding house on Waco. Kirk wasn't in but, his partner, Les Curran, a counterfeiter, showed up at noon. He denied knowing where Red Kirk was."

"This is the last day of the month. So Kirk, who by the way is a vegetarian, has only to keep out of sight and keep moving for 30 days. In another month, the statute of limitations on his supermarket job will expire. He'll be in the clear."

"The part that baffles me is the groceries I found on his bed." concluded the Inspector. "I can't figure them out. There were 6 coffee beans, 8 boxes of cocoa, 10 tomatoes, 4 pieces of toast, 5 boxes of hominy, 21 tea bags, and 27 cubes of sugar!"

After a moment's hesitation, Haledjian said, "Kirk plans to keep moving about the country next month to avoid capture. But you should have no trouble apprehending him. The next place to find him is-"

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by lizzard04/22/08
There will be more of Dr. Haledjian mysteries to come!

Posted by koolkattnat04/23/08
Could you next time, put in a bit more clues, I was unsure of how to solve this.

Posted by lizzard04/23/08
Yeah i'll try

Posted by stephiesd04/23/08
Whoa... That was totally amazing... I was totally and completely... wrong... Awesome job on this, lizzard! I'm eagerly awaiting more.

Posted by lizzard04/24/08
Why thank you! its nice to be appreciated! I'm working on more in the series :D

Posted by xoshortie52204/25/08
that was a great teaser...i remember reviewing it...i kno i said it should be aproved and i gave it really fun and medium for the difficulty i think

Posted by lauren044--05/03/08
Wow...that was very clever! I got it...wrong. :lol:

Posted by divy05/05/08
it was awesome. waiting for more.

Posted by Ysemay05/23/08
I liked this one. I had no clue what the answer was but I really liked it. Good job.

Posted by Froggygirl889605/24/08
I believe i've read this in a book before...

Posted by rexlamos06/18/08
how could you find out that toast was the one? :-?

Posted by _fire_fly07/09/08
Hmm, this was a great teaser, and it was the first time I read it too. In a book. I love these mystery books and have used them in teasers before too, so i can't say anything there! :D :wink: :D

Posted by om12307/11/08
i personally did not like this. a good brain teaser should only use common knowledge to trick the readers. there was too much information needed which im sure a lot of people didnt know.

Posted by cecepeach8307/15/08
Wooooow. I don't think i've ever been THIS wrong about the answer before. lol. Great teaser though. I just got it absolutely all the way completely unforgivably WRONG. lol. :lol:

Posted by xmum07/18/08
I am pretty sure that Donald J. Sobol still holds the copyright on Encyclopedia Brown and the Dr. Haledjian mysteries. If we are going to copy and paste them, we should at least change the names to protect the guilty.

Posted by jachis0811/15/08
nice 8)

Posted by precious102601/11/09
:evil: I agree with om123; the information or clues in this teaser seemed unrelated or distant from the actual Crime. 8) Honestly, I believed the Criminal next hide out related to the foods. He had the coffee, hot chocolate, sugar and toast. Therefore, all that was needed to complete his breakfast and simultaneously, find a hide out, at a farm, for milk and butter. I tell you brainglers, I was way out there on this one. So, his clues went right over my head. 8) :evil: Good Night :evil: Decent Teaser. Confusisng, yet decent. :oops:

Posted by Gemi201202/05/09
I new that the numbers of things were dates I just didn't know that there were places that had those names. :lol:

Posted by lizzard02/10/09
Way to go for getting that far!

Posted by MagaJamba03/12/09
These mysteries are by Donald J. Sobol whom i believe is the author of Encyclopedia Brown. Don't copyright if you are at least change names :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by jianeng04/11/09
tough!! :D

Posted by taylorluver10110/26/09
wow i am so confused about this one but it waqs good :wink:

Posted by taylorluver10110/26/09
was srry :oops:

Posted by Jake1011/16/09
How exactly are you supposed to find that out? :-?

Posted by lizzard01/07/10
ya just gotta play around with ideas

Posted by MusiK01/08/10
wow, never in a million years would I have gotten this one right :)

Posted by lizzard01/09/10
haha. thanks I guess?

Posted by quizwizAhn01/23/10
??? I don't think I really got that. :oops:

Posted by lizzard01/23/10
no worries mate!

Posted by srigimi301/28/10
HARDO!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by scallio02/16/10
No chance I was going to get this one. I didn't even realize there were cities with those food names. Good thing the thug didn't give Mr. Kirk up prior to his arrival in Waco because he would not have been able to leave a "food clue" that matched Waco and his partner never would have caught up with him again!

Posted by Marple06/13/10
I have no idea what the answer was! Are they places in America?

Posted by MagicPurple02/27/11
I still don't get it. Hmm

Posted by BookwormAnG08/27/11
^^^^^^^^^^^ What she said.

Posted by MysteriousPony07/23/16
woahhhh this is waaayy too evil astermind for me :lol:

Posted by MysteriousPony07/23/16


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